Will the Celtics TANK or TAKE OFF? | A List Podcast

On this episode of the A List Podcast, A. Sherrod Blakely, Gary Washburn & Kwani A. Lunis discuss the recent drama surrounding Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown as talks of splitting them are resurfacing in the media. Also, they recap the Celtics win over the Pacers and discuss future of the franchise.

A List Podcast w/ A. Sherrod Blakely & Kwani A. Lunis: Ep. 58

0:50 Jayson Tatum RESPONDS to Kendrick Perkins

10:40 Tatum says him and Jaylen “want to figure it out together”

13:07 C’s Need to Make Tatum & Brown Work

22:49 Celtics OT win vs Pacers

29:45 Should the Celtics tank?

31:30 Celtics Have a drafting problem

41:11 Should C’s trade Dennis Schroder or Josh Richardson?

44:40 Nesmith isn’t ready, Langford shows flashes, Pritchard has the confidence

53:00 Ben Simmons & Tobias Harris Trade Talk

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    KingKoppa says:

    Action speak louder then words

    Macho Man says:

    That is some sunshine and roses for 2 players that are in their 5th season together and are still below .500 as of now. They played 42 and 44 minutes to beat the sorry Indiana Pacers and the Celtics are at full health.

    ChuckDaddy13 says:

    This is a joke question right you guys say you can't play the young guys late cuz you can't count on them and they might go 0 for 3 yet Marcus Smart goes 0 for 6 constantly in the fourth quarter from three-point land and they keep playing him explain that to me. if you want wins don't you have to sit the guy who can't shoot. Don't tell me diving on the floor once a game for a loose ball makes up for all the bricks that he lays like a Master Mason.

    Max Dukuly says:

    Schroeder and Josh Richardson are worth more than a young player. You could probably pull off a Luke kennard trade with that

    ChuckDaddy13 says:

    I hope everyone out there that wants to break up the Jays remembers that the Warriors after 2 years of Curry and Thompson being the main players with one year of green they were 40 games under 500. If that was the case with the Jays everyone in Boston will be screaming break this up it will never work and they would never won any titles

    Thomas Kelly says:

    This team is not going to " take off ". As they are presently set up they are a very mediocre team. Nothing more than a .500 team . The best scenario , barring a blockbuster trade which I don't see happening, is continue as is and land a high lottery pick. Then look into free agency and see if we can land an impact player.

    matt murdock says:

    Thought Gary was too ‘old’ to be throwing out Friday references!!!!!

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