What's next for Granit Xhaka after his red card against Liverpool? | Early Kick Off

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On this morning’s ‘Early Kick Off’, The Athletic’s David Ornstein and Sky Sports’ Rob Jones discussed last night’s Carabao Cup fixture between Arsenal and Liverpool.

The panel talked about how Liverpool fared without Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané, Granit Xhaka’s sending off and provided a look ahead of the North London derby this weekend.

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    Michael Barjak says:

    Year after year Ive wondered how he is even in the Premier league, let alone Arsenal, an average Swiss league player, the only conclusion Ive come to is a conspiracy theory that the Albanian lobby (which is worldwide one of the most powerful) in London is filling enough pockets each year for him to even exist, the mans a joke

    Captain Smoke says:

    Next you all learn some football so you can see why Xhaka is a class player and why the refs give him a red card for every BS while Kane and Mane do much worse things in every single game and get praised from you muppets! The dude bossed France and you all act like he can't ball. smh. Maybe stop getting your BS straight from Twitter and think for yourself.

    LJ Molly says:

    There's a level of indiscipline you tolerate for a certain type of player- one who contributes something crucial for the success of the team. Xhaka just doesn't do enough to compensate for these ridiculous decisions. How the hell is he even still at Arsenal??? He's a such a liability.

    Adam Luginsland says:

    Being a nice guy dosent make u a good player

    Adam Luginsland says:

    Why does xhaka always have a place in team he gets sent off every other game he dosent score goals he’s not a particular good passer and his defense is average at best he hurts the team more than he helps them they went unbeaten without him in lineup prior to his latest run in team

    Malachi Mawadzi says:

    A 3 game ban is next

    Peter Kamau says:

    Ramos been doing this his all carrier, and he's still among the best CB's in the world😂. Red cards are part of the game, something y'all would know if you ever played for any club. I remember Suarez's red card against Ghana at the 2010 world cup semi to give away a pen. But he was praised for it because Gyan hit the post. You've got to sacrifice one for the team at times.

    Helen Jane says:

    Xhaka got a red card trying stop Jota from scoring (we all know that Jota MUST score that goal) and Xhaka took a sacrifice for the team and believed that his teammates won’t let him down.

    Matt Stevens says:

    How can Liverpool fix absence of players

    vinny1010 says:

    Arsenal need to sell Xhaka, for whatever reason, they love him. He's a horrible midfielder and a huge liability

    Max says:

    Sent off 12 times in his career
    Loves a red card 😂

    Caxton Kitur says:

    Funny that Xhaka has also been sent to Afcon.If red card is happening for Xhaka when Elneny and Partey are playing for Afcon then I wonder if he is not currently not at Afcon.

    Night King says:

    After all these years of being an experienced international footballer and captain for his country you would think he would eventually learn how to tackle properly

    ALI miney says:

    Why Xhaka faulted the striker its because of Aron didn't move from the goal If he could move it was easier to defend the ball that's why Xhaka kicked the striker not to score if he could leave the striker it could been easier the striker to score the goal

    ALI miney says:

    That was the last option to kick liverpool striker not to score and Xhaka was the last man there no blaming of Xhaka good job 👏

    Lok Sabha says:

    When Sergio Ramos gets red cards nobody complains but when some other players like xhaka often gets one everybody is complaining.

    N R says:

    The short answer: Real Madrid.

    Aaron Henry says:

    I'm a Liverpool fan and my brother is an Arsenal fan, so yesterday was a big game in our house. On Arsenal, yesterday was the first time I've heard my brother say "Its time for Arsenal to move on from Xhaka." They are building something great at Arsenal and Xhaka seems to be holding them back now. On Liverpool, I was completely baffled at that performance… We played against 10 men for over an hour and still couldn't put on in. I just hope FSG will take that game as a sign that they need to give Salah what he wants. He is the best player in the world, and is fully dedicated to the club. So let's just get it done!

    Ian Mcfarlane says:

    Stupid question,
    3 games off and back in the starting lineup.

    A normal person not an alien says:

    Xhaka is Switzerland's Ramos

    Andy Gibson says:

    A Taxi 🚖

    M J says:

    Don't see Xhaka leaving, just amazing 😡

    Batman_94 says:

    Might as well charging interest, then atleast someone can benefit from this liability

    Prince Lenny says:

    Xhaka's favorite colour 🟥, he's on his NFT Card Collection 🤣

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