Warriors OBLITERATED The Bulls! Golden State Warriors vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights REACTION

Reacting to Universe of Highlights- Golden State Warriors vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Season

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    Sc says:

    First Dawg.

    TheManimal11 says:

    Lavine got hurt pretty early on. Warriors without Klay Dray and Gary Payton and desperately needed this win. Loved it

    FIFA244 says:

    Bucks Warriors is a must

    Kostas Kranas says:

    You should react to Bucks vs Warriors too

    Flingy Tobbskin says:

    Wann where the bucks vs gsw reaction at 😞

    AYE VISUALZ says:

    Don’t disrespect Klay bro he was out for 2.5 years bro

    Blackboy Fly says:

    Wann don’t disrespect klay like that man needs to get he’s rhythm back u know this man hasn’t played for over 2 years 😆

    Lox tha Rippa says:

    Lavine left with a Knee injury…

    Jazmine Dairylle says:

    They don't want Klay to play in a back to back games for a while. His minutes will extend a little next game, they said.

    thatboiken says:

    I thought we was gonna get bucks vs warriors but it cool hope we still get it

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