Update:Young Dolph Killer Cornelius Smith Handed To The Feds BDLG & Justin Is Headed Back To Memphis


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    Ladon Turner says:

    Oh shit lol high rank in trouble i can see it's rat time. No mo gas

    Topics with Kristie says:

    Crunchy black did say he knew someone arrested for dolphs murder, so he must have been speaking on Ole Corny. Cause they kept his arrest super quiet. I live here and we hadn't heard anything

    Jefe Movez says:

    Search whats the song that's about to be song… the car was reported stolen by black youngsta pastor… SMH

    MR C_________ says:

    There getting the death penalty 💯⬆️🔥😵

    BMW says:


    Five Stars says:

    There where paid to kill young Dolph need to find who paid for it and lock him or her up!!!someone talking cause you can't see there face

    Blessed By God says:

    Cornelius Smith is related to CEO Bobby, Bobby Smith on FB. Bobby sister is a Smith too! Car was at Bobby's Momma house on Bradley.

    MDJX says:

    Word is the car belong to Blac Youngsta who it's being said from his friend only after D's shooting reported the car stolen. They are saying Smith was in Jail for stealing the Benz the day before the hit. The reason his charges were recently upgraded is bc Blac Youngsta car was never stolen. This shit just got really real. I predict others will be charged.

    BT35H1 says:

    Send him back to Memphis I hope they get his behind that wall. Aint no guns in jail.

    Chris Rhinehart says:

    Wonder why Gotti ain't drop 🤔🤔🤔

    Isaac Enamorado says:

    🐬 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

    CLZPRIDE0123 says:

    Cornelius telling and SD ready to live hell BC in Memphis he aint got no security at all. Ho Gotti can't do sh**.

    Rashawd Rushing says:

    That’s black youngster and Justin Johnston

    Debbie Hart says:

    Justice For Young 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬 I Memphis TN 🙏🙏

    MIIND θF MURDEE says:

    Morn my folks, hope all are in great health, and spirits…

    I just wana say I'm sending🙏 to ALL the mother's & or father's on BOTH sides of this tragedy. Gotta be killing them all….

    Maaaaine once our kids get in them streets, we at a huge disadvantage as parents man…

    Kansas says:

    Is it true that Justin Johnson has the same lawyer as blac youngsta?

    Kahmal East says:

    Its other people involved. Break them down.

    BK's Son says:

    Who cares…who cares🤡

    Truth Hurts huh says:

    Your not going home.

    Open your door Open the window says:


    Daissy May says:

    Stay on their necks. Thanks 4 da update.

    Sanura Holmes says:

    Cornelius dropping a dime!

    Purple Butterfly Kisses says:

    Thank you for the update

    BNR 1MILLION says:

    What's good

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