Tourettes Guy- Bob Saget


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  • Tourettes Guy- Bob Saget

    "Oh...BOB SAGET!"
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    b3ans4eva says:

    What makes it funny is Bob Saget is aware of Tourettes Guy and uses it in his standup routine.

    Danny Eyheralde says:

    and it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s how he was greeted in heaven

    Joseph Dugan says:

    R.I.P. Bob Saget

    Steve Miller says:

    @Foxx Gaming yeah I worded it wrong. I do apologise

    M Puckett says:

    By his BFF Norm MacDonald.

    Ferdinando Carlo Ferraro Titin says:

    not anymore, he doesn’t

    Mr. Crepe says:

    The way he says “SHIRLENA??” gets me every time.

    Codyman says:

    +Adam Correia (Cracked Sponge) Yes! It was about a minute ago! A guy tried to break into my truck!

    Lunar Capital says:


    Sierra Grace says:

    Serial Crepeist 0:55 thank me later 😂😂

    Corinthian says:

    Well it’s always good to see two people maintain a healthy relationship.

    Slender Man 186 says:

    Your profile pic says it all

    TwilySparky says:

    Almost 10 years old and I still love it.

    Ahmad Smith 1991 says:

    This is almost 16 years old now

    Ahmed Akinpelu says:

    This comment is old itself

    Owen Shelley says:

    Love it

    Doom slayer says:

    This video will be 20 soon…

    TheDanzomanzo says:

    Ten years later, this is still funny.

    JailhouseBlues says:

    Tourettes guy is funnier than Bob Saget will ever be.

    yuren sotelo says:

    Lol rip bob saget

    Kaori says:

    @Nemo Chicky yes that is what i was referring to

    LuigiPG says:

    Rest In Peaceman

    LuigiPG says:

    @MQpar5.7 ironic

    HYTT Films says:

    this comment didn’t age well.

    SFS VHS B says:

    If there’s ever a YouTube Hall of Fame, this needs to be in it.

    Emperor Billy Ritchie says:

    Even after all these years he’s still funny

    David Schultz says:

    We need to bring back saying ‘Bob Saget’

    Rico Sanchez says:

    I say it as a replacement cuss word 😂😂

    Stephen Roth says:

    I still do 🤣

    Jrocka7x says:

    Yup, never stopped. 😆

    Wiltonpawinc Channel says:

    Bob saget

    PerspectivE says:

    Rest in Peace, Bob Saget.

    AuraBoi says:

    This hits different now..

    Rest In Peace Bob Saget

    Travis Kent says:

    Coming here to commemorate the inspiration for this gem. RIP Bob Saget

    Ed Fornes says:

    im glad to know there is still people of the generation of Tourettes Guy looking back on these vidoes. Glad to know i wasnt the only one who thought about this video when hearing the news.

    el roro pueros vergasos says:

    @Ed Fornes tourretts guy is dead too sadly😪

    Glauber Wisniewski says:

    Same here! First thing I thought was to come to this video and pay homage.

    Wabbaaajack says:

    Here after Bob Saget’s passing, RIP. You were the TV dad I always wanted

    John R says:

    Came here immediately after the news. Bob Saget actually referenced this scene in his comedy routine many years back. Was certainly a good sport about it! RIP Bob Saget.

    Gloomy Texan Media says:

    An entire generation’s whole frame of reference for who Bob Saget is/was. RIP.

    Daniel Rivera says:

    My reaction when I heard the news about Bob’s demise was to yell “Oh Bob Saget!” Rest in Peace.

    Trey Liles says:

    This is going to hit differently now. RIP Bob Saget.

    Mr. Matt says:

    RIP Bob. Take me back to this era. TAKE ME BACK.

    Steve Wesner says:

    RIP Bob Saget. Thank you Tourettes Guy for solidifying his legendry.

    Pygmy Puff says:

    Tourettes Guy is the first person I thought of XD

    Robert Wolff says:

    Rest In Peace bob your certainly going to be missed

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