The VERY WEIRD Version of Full House No One Ever Saw

This is the story of the very weird version of full house that no one ever saw. In this version of the show, bob saget was not the guy filming episodes as Danny Tanner. Full house may be off the air but some of its secrets are still unknown to a lot of people and fans of 90s tv shows especially during the nick at nite era.

The VERY WEIRD Version of Full House No One Ever Saw

This is the story of the very weird version of full house that no one ever saw. In this version of the show, bob saget was not the guy filming episodes as Danny Tanner. Full house may be off the air but some of its secrets are still unknown to a lot of people and fans of 90s tv shows especially during the nick at nite era.
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    Nerdstalgic says:

    Would you have watched this version of Full House?

    Nancy Langenfeld says:

    I don’t think I would have watched it with the first Danny Tanner. I like Bob Sages much better. I did watch the show when it aired.

    Rian M. Camilon says:

    i have

    Albert Nada Retro says:

    I didn’t watch the Bon Saget version.

    Asmosis Jones says:

    Rip Bob Saget affectionately known as slender man

    Bob The dope man says:

    RIP Bob Saget

    joseph robinson says:

    Only Bob could play Danny nobody else he fit that role perfectly

    Sierra Teeheee says:


    Unknownuser says:

    floralght who is a pervert

    Uhok says:

    Bob is NOTHING like Danny. One of the dirtiest people I’ve ever heard lol

    _AverageSellout S says:

    Now he dead 🥺

    Devil Ghostface says:

    He joked about doing some bad things to the olsen twins dude .

    Allison says:

    Bob just carries more of a dad energy,
    John just carries a “cool uncle” energy.

    Wouldn't you like to know? says:

    He’s trying to be joey but the watered down Walmart version

    JuStIn seaGULl coming to town says:


    dupi says:

    I mean, if you like Bob, then you should watch SiriusXM’s 4 minute clip on a interview with him. It’s so disgusting, there’s a reason why it’s titled as “EXPLICIT”

    spirittammyk says:

    And he had better face reactions. He really nailed that look of being pissed while the other guy looked emotionless .

    Hailey Groah says:

    This aged well

    Brandy Hood says:

    Ive actually seen this pilot, i was watching the dvd, and i fell asleep watching it, and when the show went off, it changed over to the special features and this pilots started playing, i woke up during it and thought i had dreamt up the bob saget version of full house and it scared me 😂

    AZ Card Guy says:

    Wow I cant even imagine how terrible that must have been. That’s something that would permanently change my life.

    MrPh30 says:

    Twilight Zone or Xfiles redux of episode it sounded like you had there.

    Anastasia Eqbali says:

    Oh my god 😂😂😂😂

    Siiri L says:


    Hellrazor Television says:


    zach murphy says:

    John: we’ve got one
    ME: …..
    Bob: we’ve got one

    Ronelle Campbell says:

    Yep, comedy is a weird thing.

    GummyPop says:

    I think its the obvious deadpan nature of his character that adds to it 😂

    Krissy likes Bleach says:

    Even saying Saget’s line the way he did makes me chuckle a little

    Asmosis Jones says:

    Comedian that’s why timing acting he had charm

    zach murphy says:

    @Asmosis Jones very odd timing for that comment lol

    Normie Pepe says:

    Me: “ I want a Robin Williams”

    Mom: “We have a Robin Williams at home”

    Robin Williams at home:

    L Dog says:

    He really does look like Robin Williams 😂

    jay2thaudy says:

    Oh good it wasnt just me

    The cold glass of water show says:

    @jay2thaudy like a mix between robin and Dave coulier!

    Helen Amirian says:

    He does look like a discount RW

    Luis Antonio Larios says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who saw a resemblance.

    Bill Graper says:

    Years ago (I think around 2001) I found a picture online that had the Full House cast with John Posey. I e-mailed Dave Coulier & asked about it. He explained the whole thing with John Posey & the pilot episode. It was pretty neat to hear back from Dave. Most celebs would not have taken the time to reply.

    Ted says:

    You should have asked him about the Alanís Morissette song

    Bill Graper says:

    @Ted I didn’t know he was the inspiration for that song back then.

    endtimes 4sure says:

    No really what’s Dave’s 2001 email? Cutitout@joey.wood ?

    Andrew T says:

    Whatever question you ask him… He Oughta Know 🙂

    V says:

    @Andrew T fucking gold comment

    Quinlen Stevens says:

    John says a line: Sounds weird
    Danny says the exact same line: sounds perfect

    Angry Pengu says:

    Acting in a nutshell

    john bush says:

    @JonGon Productions Johns version sounded much looser n organic to me, bobs version sounds so stiff by comparison

    kurlykaitlyn says:

    Bob saget was a natural Danny tanner

    Keyana S. says:


    Thomas Jackson says:

    John = Daffy, Danny = Bugs!!!

    kaaveri k says:

    i’m not just saying this cause i’m used to seeing Bob as Danny, but he acts more “fatherly” than John, no offense.

    Avery Pack says:

    I agree. John looked more like could have played Joey’s (Dave Coulier) brother.

    Big Ol Abe says:

    well he was a father so it would make sense.

    GunsNRoses1123 says:

    He could have played uncle Joey though, they even look like brothers.

    crypt says:

    He looks like Ted Bundy

    olg06 says:

    No wonder Tyler Posey turned out the way he did…

    ꧁꧂ says:

    I just think that Bob looks more like a guy that married Jessy’s sister than John does…

    ellie says:

    For people who don’t understand Jesse’s sister is Dj, Stephanie, and Michelle’s mom and that’s why Jesse is related to them and is there uncle

    happyxhaley says:

    @ellie ya ding dong everyone knows it they say it a lot of times on the show

    ellie says:

    Happy Haley im saying fir ppl who dont know sherlock

    acxlee says:

    @ellie although I watched the show a lot and have seen many, many episodes I actually did not know that and assumed Uncle Jesse was a childhood friend like Joey lol. I feel ashamed to have just learned that right now

    Katie says:

    Her name is Pam

    Bojex says:

    They should give him a role on Fuller House where everyone goes “Do.. we know you?”

    Snow lion 97 says:

    I think you mean fullest house

    Kevin _R. says:

    Or like “ I feel like I’ve seen you before”

    Lizard Man says:

    Kinda weird how he slapped his daughter

    Tangier H. says:

    oh thats so shady

    Bright Eyes says:

    I watched the pilot and couldn’t get to 10 minutes… It seems like a shadow to Full House.

    GoldenUnlimited says:

    BROO John Posey should’ve been Kimmy’s Dad!!!!

    Barozzi says:

    @alaa I agree with you tbh.

    Sunflower94 says:


    Vannesa Mcmurray says:

    Oh that would have been great

    redhatgnome says:


    Put Jesus First says:


    Brooke says:

    John is too much like Joey. Bob was perfect for the role and different than both Jesse and joey.

    Katie Daniel says:

    True but he’s more of a mix. It’s like trying something weird like peanut butter and pickles (like John trying to act cool and goofy)
    And nobody likes it but you have to eat it. It’s uncomfortable and weird.

    𝂅ׁ𖤐Ꞌꞌ Sׅkׄყ̣. 🍂‧໋݊𑄸 says:

    Oh exactly, on personality and looks he reminds me of Joey

    April says:

    the name John Posey just sounds like he is a serial killer.

    leyenda61 says:

    He just needs a middle name

    Ronelle Campbell says:

    Calm down bro😭

    Hydro 4 1 9 says:

    John Posey breaks into the house and murders Danny tanner, and uses some weird mental manipulation to give all the children Stockholm syndrome, and his family too. They all play along with him as he has threatened to strike again and make someone pay violently before he goes to prison.. the only person who is willing to do something about it is John Stamos, who was too headstrong to fall for the cruel man’s tricks. He avenges his brother and breaks the spell on everyone, and takes over as the lead father figure of the household, using Posey’s head as a door ornament to ward off any other psychotic killers. All is good…

    ‘Whatever happened to the….’ Full house theme ensues

    Alison Joseph says:

    why does it actually sound like that 😂

    Lilz says:

    @Ronelle Campbell Jack the Stripper 💀lmfao

    Taylor McCormick says:

    It’s like posey is trying to be Joey not Danny

    YouTube User says:

    I don’t think so. He was such a Rachel

    Sophia Landskroner says:

    YouTube User not like Joey from friends they’re talking about Joey from full house….. You know, like the whole concept of the video

    Sophia Landskroner says:

    YouTube User And if we were making a reference about friends then Posey would be a Chandler

    WeatherySunny says:


    Daichi Sawamura • 20 years ago says:

    @YouTube User who?

    Juni McDowell says:

    Everyone looks way more comfortable with saget.

    Edit: I’ve been getting some hate on this comment, and if you don’t know who’s being manipulative, you’re aren’t going to see the the manipulation, manipulative people don’t make it obvious that they’re being manipulative, that’s why I didn’t pick up on it, sorry I didn’t but I’m just a human, not a mind reader.

    Anjana Kulkarni says:

    @Kamilla – Roblox ⁶

    Finch Bird says:

    To bad sagET is a p o file

    V says:

    @Melissa M. Sutton she ended up drinking heavily and then getting hard-core into meth. She used to say how crazy it felt to be a meth addict while married to a police officer.

    serious says:

    @Melissa M. Sutton I’m mostly going to blame the adults around her who no doubt kept describing her as “sooo cute” until she didn’t know what to do with herself when she was older and not that kind of cute anymore.

    The Olsen twins were pretty much treated the same way (“little monkey performers” in Mary Kate’s own words as an adult), but they had longer shelf lives as child actors, but they probably would’ve fared better if the adults around them had let them disappear from the public view after Full House instead of capitalizing on people‘s memories of toddler Michelle and general fascination with twins.

    serious says:

    @V She lucky she white…

    brookebrookebrooke says:

    Danny: a loving father
    The other guy😒: a stepfather trying way to hard to connect with the kids

    God loves You says:

    Jesus is coming back soon please put your faith in him

    Amethyst Z says:

    this is the perfect analogy omg

    Precise Ice says:

    @God loves You Amen! Continue to spread the Good News!

    Faye Sparks says:

    lol yes

    Adriana Sydiaha says:

    Fact about full house: Did you know that the actress who plays Kimmy first audition for the role DJ but they didn’t want her to be DJ so they offered her to play kimmy who was supposed to be a one time appearance but became a main character

    Susan V says:

    Same happened with the character Steve Urkel

    Mr Stokes says:

    @Susan V love steve urkel glad he mentally ok now from that role

    hydrolito says:

    They also planned to do away with Dr. Smith on Lost in Space but he became a main character.

    solo says:

    Becky was also supposed to only do a few episodes and the test audience loved her so much they kept her character in.

    Kela B says:

    @Mr Stokes omg what happened

    Lindsay Morrison says:

    Bob as Danny is also just… So nurturing and calm. Like a dad should be, especially when the mom has just passed away. This was a man who was a rock in how soft he was. Joey’s goofy, Jesse’s immature and charming, and Danny’s the only one with emotional maturity from the beginning. He’s still a stressed out single dad, but he’s never ever cocky or over the top like this other dude.

    Menickc says:

    I could’ve told you why Bob was a better choice before ever even watching this video. He has that calmness and seriousness that perfectly compliments the other characters. While all the characters can be serious and have heartfelt moments having Danny be that by default is just perfect. Loved Full House

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