Shelves are getting pretty empty at the grocery store #Shorts

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So as you can see in our local Superstore they’ve been messing around with the aisles in order to fill the shelves and still there are many missing gaps and a whole entire aisle missing. It’s really strange what is happening. This is in Calgary Alberta and it’s not a good sign. We’ve been noticing things getting more and more scarce on the shelves for months.

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    Revert2Means says:

    Same here…getting worse by the week

    Captain Vanaroo says:

    It will fill up again it’s probably a bunch of East Indian people cleaned it out for a religious event possibly they always go to Costco and clean it out all the time must be a jumbo huge population of them in Calgary they like Calgary I bet the costco in reddeer Alberta is ok and stocked full of everything, I was shopping last week here in the east did not see a problem go to a smaller supermarket and see if it’s the same condition I bet it will be ok.

    mr fool says:

    Stack food. Fyi, your canned food will moon more than stonk

    Jeff O'Toole says:

    It’s all fine and dandy if you have to pay more for things wait till you can’t get the things you have money for. Welcome to the U.S.S.R circa 1984. That’s when the pitch forks come out. Thanks Justinflation printing up 500 million dollars and dropping it from C-17s was a novel idea.
    The banks are literally begging the BOC and Madman Macklem to raise rates. When you have the biggest housing bubble ever created this side of Hong Kong pulling the trigger is really really hard. Oil is probably going to push through $85 next week. The 10 year US bond is going over 1.8% next week this is getting really real. I don’t know what is going to happen but things are going to start breaking pretty soon. Get your hard hat ready.

    Free Green Living Co. says:

    That's what happens when more demand and less supply things sell out and go up in price.
    But it's only the Beginning!

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