Senator Kyrsten Sinema's Speech On Senate Floor Defending The Filibuster

Senator #KyrstenSinema(D-AZ) took to the Senate floor(01/13/22) to reiterate her opposition to efforts by her Dem colleagues to change the Senate #filibuster rules, allowing for passage of a federal #votingrights legislation by a simple majority.

Senator Sinema said she supports the federal voting rights legislation, but she doesn’t think Senate rules should be changed to effect its passage

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    Itsmy Business says:

    Senator Sinema: the fillibuster is not in the U.S. Constitution for a good reason! Our framers did not include the fillibuster in the U.S. Constitution because it failed miserably when it was written in the Articles of Confederation (written before the Constitution). I encourage you to read the article written today in the Tuscon Sentinel by one of your constituents. It's spot on and provides you with 8 nonpartisan reasons for removing the fillibuster. I assure you that you will be on the wrong side of history if you don't support the need for at least a carve out rule change of the fillibuster in order to pass the most important 2 bills on voting rights since the 1960's!

    And for those of you thanking Sen. Sinema for saving the Constitution, learn your history. Learn why it was NOT included is the U.S. Constitution. They tried it before when it was written in the Articles of Confederation and the idea failed just like it's making government fail today. And why would the Republican party or anyone for that mater want to use the fillibuster on having federal standards for voting rights? Even if one state suppresses the vote, that impacts ALL states!

    Sen. Sinema, please don't be naive to think that the hypocrite GOP will not eliminate the fillibuster when/if they ever regain power. They most certainly will! The fillibuster is an archaic rule created in 1806 that gives the minority veto power. And more recently they can do so without even having a debate or at least requiring each Senator opposing the proposed legislation to provide their reasoning of opposition! It literally just gives the minority the power to obstruct. Even if their reason to obstruct is simply because they want the other party to fail! This is absurd and is the reasin why government cannot legislate! I say this regardless of which party is the minority.

    Unfortunately many Americans are oblivious to what is happening! They are being fed misinformation! Regardless of which party you belong to, I think we can all agree; at least if you are American we should all agree, that we need keep our elections nonpartisan. But in many states, laws have been recently changed where the rulling party of their state government can throw out the results just because they don't like the outcome! That is NOT a democracy that would be an autocracy. Everyone deserves their voice to be heard! Our right to vote is one of the most sacred and crucial rights for every American.
    Sen. Sinema I urge you to rethink your position, learn what our framers learned prior to drafting the U.S. Constitution, and do the right thing!
    One more thought…In the states that have recently made changes to their election laws.. they made those changes with a simple majority. Well that should also mean that the Senate should be able to save democracy with a simple majority! If you truly believe the 2 proposed voting laws providing federal standards for voting are crucial in saving our country and our democracy than you should realize that a carve out of the fillibuster is imperative! If this doesn't happen, it's a simple fact that voting rights will be suppressed (which effects the entire country) and the voice of the people could potentially be overturned in future elections. And when we reach that sad point, our lives…our country, will look and feel like the autocratic countries that we consider to be our foreign adversaries today!

    It's Me says:

    I think I'd hit that.

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