Seditious Conspiracy: DOJ Charges Oath Keepers Leader, 10 Others In Latest Jan. 6 Case

Stewart Rhodes — leader of the anti-government Oath Keepers — was charged Thursday with seditious conspiracy stemming from the Capitol riot, one of the highest-profile arrests in the Department of Justice’s massive year-long investigation into the attack.


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    shiverman8 says:

    It obviously bullsh!t. Being charged a year later for something that was supposedly planned, but never happened. "Plans to arm people and hold people hostage!" Can't convict someone for something that didn't happened a year after the fact. If Democrats do send these people to jail we'll know for sure they are tin pot dictators now.

    Dave Mckolanis says:

    Rhodes And His Organization Are THE FACE OF TRUMPS NEW REPUBLICAN PARTY SUPPORTERS. The Only Thing Missing Is A Long Scar On His Face And A SWASTICA Tattoos On His Forehead.

    Walter says:

    Except they were all unarmed accept capitol police who killed a woman hoping for a shootout.

    Walter says:

    Another step to becoming like China. Arrest all political opponents. We'll all be next.

    Fonnice Murdock says:

    False voter fraud claims my ass. I evidence is out there. And the only reason they was charged is because 3 days ago the doj got in front of congress and embarrassed themselves by saying no one has been charged with insurrection. Lmao so let the sedition charges start piling up

    ibechuu says:

    Yikes…. welp, this changes everything.

    B ran says:

    FBI is the Biden’s KGB. They'll never arrest Epps, Sullivan, or the female reporter. FBI most likely planned and carried out J6.

    Lovepeacejoy says:

    What about Antifa and Black Lives Matter?

    Rebel Yell 45 says:

    J6 committee failing, needs new narrative.

    Marla Spiers-ladner says:

    None of these groups are responsible for J6. They're there to protect our people and our country. Not to cause chaos or destruction. God bless them and nay God expose the corruption of these Departments and the Biden administration.

    j jlm says:

    When does Ray Epps and John Sullivan get arrested and jailed?

    Kelly Dillon says:

    Set them free

    Slick says:

    Very convenient right after Ted Cruz railed the fbi director… These democrats think we're so stupid… Though the real morons are their supporters FNP FJB

    Mark 7's says:

    They only did this because people kept pointing out that dems kept claiming the capital riot was treason and sedition yet not one person had been charged with those crimes in relation to Jan 6th. Just more political prosecution/persecution by the authoritarian left!

    Mtn Yoda says:

    Charge the FBI with sedition as well as democratic allies involved in this false flag. Shame on our nations leaders. We the people deserve so much better. Shame on these crooks.

    Melissa Munoz says:

    Freedom is not free we must fight to keep our constitution alive.

    Franklin John says:

    In the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing; Now the 'Piper has to be paid' No one forced any of the January 6th, 'Trespassers, instigators, intimidaters, alleged patriots, to assault police officers or vandalize America's Capitol.

    Dan 821 says:

    What a crock!

    Varus says:

    Use this as a dislike button since YouTube hides the number now

    LonePaladin says:

    Stop attacking patriots, Forbes. It won't end well for you.

    Sherlock Ohms says:

    I'm laughing at the DoJ.

    Ed Deer says:

    If she can't speak without stumbling her words she needs to not speak

    Ronnie Mathews says:

    Get back with us when anybody has been found guilty of insurrection not been charged with it, found guilty of it there was no insurrection just criminal dumbasses that do need to go to jail they need to get the same punish black lives movement rioters got? Oh that's right left-wing Democrat politicians musicians and actors paid their bail so they can get out and commit more crime WTF ??????????????????????????????

    Justin Pyle says:

    disliked and reported for misleading misinformation.

    Mikenkfalls P says:

    The only thing the government is afraid of is people keeping it in check.

    Patricia Davis says:

    Instead of going after the American people, how about going after the FBI, Clinton and CIA??

    Jason Urchasko says:

    Stack formation is what the police and military boys do in the shower…also called a gay train. Choo choo

    Patricia Davis says:

    Why is this Administration wasting our TAX Dollar money??

    Norval Henderson says:

    . . These charges are being filed as a rouge.
    . . Before this (more than a year has passed and) no charges have been filed; not until Republicans pointed out that there have been no charges filed.
    . . The whole purpose of the John 6 commission is to exonerate Pelosi, to draw 10 attention away from her traitorous involvement so that she can run for public office as a traitor.
    . . Had Republicans made this move first efforts would have been made to prove Pelosi's traitorous involvement in the Jan 6 incident.
    . . Impeach Pelosi before she escapes or try her family members for their involvement afterwards.

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