SEC Championship 2018: Jalen Hurts Leads Alabama to Comeback Win

Down late to Georgia, with Tua Tagovailoa hurt, the Crimson Tide turned to Jalen Hurts, who stepped in and led two clutch touchdown drives en route to winning the SEC Championship.


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#SECchampionship #CrimsonTide #JalenHurts #TuaTagovailoa #Georgia #Alabama #SEC #Fromm #NickSaban

SEC Championship 2018: Jalen Hurts Leads Alabama to Comeback Win

Down late to Georgia, with Tua Tagovailoa hurt, the Crimson Tide turned to Jalen Hurts, who stepped in and led two clutch touchdown drives en route to winning the SEC Championship.


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#SECchampionship #CrimsonTide #JalenHurts #TuaTagovailoa #Georgia #Alabama #SEC #Fromm #NickSaban
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    Spidey7747 says:

    Jalen Hurts is an example of when you have faith through thick and thin even when everything seems hopeless, you’re faith will be rewarded.

    Gary Smith says:

    Chris Daniel dream on dream on puppy

    Gary Smith says:

    Chris Daniel also heard same thing after champions game . Just whining and crying George fans

    Nate Goodman says:

    Thats all cool but look at what they have done to him
    😡🤬🚻 😡😤

    nosegoblin commander says:

    Well said

    PierreFM214 says:

    Amen 🙏🏽

    art vandalay says:

    Much props for Jalen. Class act man. Never know when your number shall be called. Yours was called and you delivered. Hats off sire…

    ZaP_Morgan says:

    ucfkid67 this was a intense game as a BAMA fan RTR

    J cothren says:

    @John Henry Quattlebaum It’s a rule. why sit when you can play? The main point was–Jalen didn’t sulk–he stayed ready to play mentally and physically. When it was time to play—he played and led his team to a win in a tough game.

    Tyler Carreker says:

    J cothren Facts

    Bonkers McGee says:

    @J cothren This. Every other position has a depth chart and has guys that play it different situations. At least for this year, that same philosophy applied to the QB position, and Hurts, as a team player, embraced it.

    KlasickSk says:

    @John Henry Quattlebaum so what and?

    summer says:

    Excited this kid got another chance. I envy his faith. Stay humble and all the success to him going forward.

    Francisco Climako says:

    Nikolina Lukinović ¿a


    Hush Whisper says:

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    Titus Hayes says:

    What in the world are ya’ll talking about? This is the comment section for a FOOTBALL GAME. Ya’ll lost or something?@Hush Whisper

    bbqsauvee * says:

    +summer I’v𝗲 sp𝐞nt *4 d𝖺ys, 14 hоurs 𝛂nd 41 m𝔦nut𝐞s* on Y0uTub𝐞 s𝔦ncе 25.4.2018! Ch𝐞ck your stаts:

    Terrance Calvin says:

    Terrance Calvin baby momo

    wil kalani says:

    The relationship between Tua & Jalen is the reason they work well together, no hard feelings just 2 teammates with 1 goal ! CHAMPIONSHIP BABY #RollTide

    Robert Grey says:

    @Beavis McDeavis This comment didn’t age well at all….LOL

    Shane Prillaman says:

    @Beavis McDeavis uhhhh

    KlasickSk says:

    @Beavis McDeavis guess u were wrong huh

    Hallett Ingle says:

    GO DAWGS! 🐾

    NFL report with Shane says:


    Baws Hawg says:

    If you find yourself having the urge to say “Jalen Hurts isn’t a good quarterback” or “Hurts can’t throw”, now you can remember this night (and all the other nights where he’s been spectacular) and stop yourself.

    stacey marshall says:

    To all the naysayers that includes Bama fans that said negative things bout this kid…. Every single one of you were wrong! Never tell someone what they can’t do like he can’t get better or improve! He shut all of you up now he’s a LEGEND.

    Ennis Whalen says:

    @SwornOut – Hey, here’s to Ryan Day being the answer. . . .

    Aaron. says:

    Baws Hawg he isn’t a good qb

    J cothren says:

    @J G Tua is much better at hitting a target than 98% of quarterbacks.

    J cothren says:

    @Blake Wilson Tua is crazy good at hitting a target.

    Jetpack Disaster says:

    On a positive note, the way Jalen conducts himself both on the field and off speaks volumes of his character. He and Tua have one of the best relationships as far as teammates go, and I’m so proud of both of them for everything they’ve done for the program.

    kiddingme01 says:

    respect from an AU fan

    Volt Bae says:

    The unselfishness and preparedness of Tua and Hurts is what team sports is all about.

    Sexy Scorpio says:


    nerf bros says:

    Salty georgia fan hahaha

    Parker Andrews says:

    Gotta admit Georgia played a hell of a game, and that was one of the toughest, most agile, and fastest teams I’ve ever seen play. Kudos to the dawgs.

    Tha Diamonddawg says:

    @R.E. Mize uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. UGA runs this state. GO DAWGS

    brooklyn daly says:

    agreed i’m an alabama fan too and they did play a heck of a game

    Josh Harrison says:

    oh trust me every real bama fan knew this game wasnt gone be
    a blowout we already know georgia is capable of beatin bama

    Grant S. says:

    They blew it with that fake punt at midfield on 4th and 11

    Mad Pistol says:

    Last year against Georgia: Hurts has a bad game. Tagovailoa cleans up and wins the game.
    This year against Georgia: Tagovailoa has a bad game. Hurts cleans up and wins the game.

    THAT is the stuff of legends, right there. This pair of QBs are UNSTOPPABLE!!!

    ZaP_Morgan says:

    Mad Pistol yes shows why BAMA the best

    Jeremy Wilkes says:

    No UGA just blew another huge 3 poss. Lead here just like in 2012 and 2017 natty UGA should have 3 nattys in last 7 years if were being completely honest here!!!

    Michael Mitchell says:

    Mad Pistol And both were against the Dawgs. Love it. Roll Tide

    butterbackup says:

    _ Splop007 _ nah tua threw some bad balls

    Gary Smith says:

    Jeremy Wilkes no to win you have to lead at the end of the game not the first 3 quarters. That’s why George didn’t win . Now go blame it on the officiating like George fans always do

    Gracialon Ignasiver says:

    14:10 – Tua goes down
    15:00 Jalen returns
    17:54 Jalen’s 2nd Drive

    Reilly Bonner says:

    As a Vol fan who feels about Bama exactly how you think I would, we must all agree that Jalen Hurts is perhaps the most extraordinary young man to ever play college football. Total class, a team player if ever there was one, ZERO attitude – – just everything you could ever dream of having in a leader. In my mind, he has permanently cemented his status as a legend, not just at Alabama, but in all of college football.

    Matt Fender says:

    Very well said. I’m Ga guy but damn, he went through every possible scenario a college fb player could and held his head high and supported his team. Much respect to that young man.

    WappaMan 1 says:

    Hurts is a super humble, integrity filled, classy young man. Very happy for him in this moment. He deserves the glory. Way to go, Jalen.

    Siloam King says:

    One of the greatest college football games since Oklahoma vs Georgia in the Rose Bowl.

    G Bama Boy says:

    This never gets old. 😂😂

    KingLo TRG says:


    Rafik Beekun says:

    Jalen will always be revered at Alabama. He was a great quarterback, a true gentleman both on and off the field, and showed true grit.

    Demarcus Howard says:

    We will always remember and love you Jalen here at Alabama!! Nothing but love, and respect for you! Hoping you have a long and successful career ahead in the NFL.

    Robbie Tomlin says:

    The most awesome game ever. Jalen Hurts showed everyone how good he really was by taking over for Tua. Both very good sports.

    Robbie Tomlin says:

    This one still brings tears to my eyes to watch Jalen hurts so humble

    marktastic86 says:

    Saban had tears in his eyes as well in the post game interview. You could tell he truly loved Jalen as a QB and person.

    zzz says:

    It’s crazy how looking back some of these players are rising stars in the NFL.

    Clay Barnes says:

    Watching this game 3 years later, it is CRAZY the amount of players that are in the NFL that played in this game. Two stupidity talented teams

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