Norm Macdonald and The Bob Saget Roast

Norm Macdonald's legendary performance at the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget.

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  • Deeply Closeted Fan Merch:

    Norm Macdonald and The Bob Saget Roast

    Norm Macdonald's legendary performance at the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget.

    Deeply Closeted Fan Merch:
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    I'm not Norm says:

    Deeply Closeted Fan Merch:

    Old Nick says:

    @Lauren Thompson,
    or so the Dutch ovens would have us believe. hmmm

    Adrian Stevens says:

    Your really trying to push those clothes

    Prod. Germa2K says:

    There are times when Bob has something on his mind. When he wears a hat!

    A dorable says:

    @Old Nick I don’t get it either 🤷‍♀️

    Sobi Eski says:

    Oh dear God, why am i still belly laughing?

    A dorable says:

    @Sobi Eski No clue 😳

    birdman3D says:

    Some people say Bob is a really hands on kinda guy. Yeah when he’s wearing gloves!

    Matt F says:


    MUFFINHEAD1985 says:

    This proves how genius the guy is. In a tradition where comedians go out of their way to go as dark and savage as possible, Norm goes the other way pahahahahahahaha.

    Ed Powers says:

    If you didn’t get it, watch him do the Espys. He pulls no punches. The Heisman joke was viscous. He was told he wasn’t welcome at the after party. Athletes can’t laugh at themselves.

    Ed Powers says:

    @MUFFINHEAD1985 Both. Very confident in his genius.

    Sam Seidman says:

    @Ron Burgundy Samberg’s was pretty funny but nowhere near Norm

    Brah, Trumpwon,bigly says:

    @MrSinister718 Nah, it was genius. It was well thought out and purposeful.

    Matt F says:


    P Pumpkin says:

    Norm’s roast of Bob Saget was like a roast of roasts.

    ourtime-downhere says:

    Ben Briggs his snl monologue was epic as well

    Mark says:

    YOU GET IT !!

    Brah, Trumpwon,bigly says:

    @LetsDrive Yea, we all did. He hated roasting his buddy, so he mechanically went about the motions as a parody of a roast. “This is the end of the jokes” or whatever at the end slew me.

    Matty Sheehan says:

    So funny, Andy Samberg did a similar one that was hilarious as well. I love his aziz line hahah

    whups * says:

    Explain to the folks at home what a roast is.

    Luc Vaillancourt says:

    Anyone who says Norm “bombed” obviously doesn’t get it. Brilliant roast.

    Vingul says:

    Whether he bombed or not doesn’t depend on how you, sitting at home many years later, reacts. It depended on the people in that room.

    Brah, Trumpwon,bigly says:

    @Vingul his comment is referring to those in the position of looking back on it and agreeing that it was weird or unfunny rather than comedic gold. The “bombing” was the hilarious part. Norm did a show not for the crowd present, but for those who could look in from the outside and appreciate the big picture.

    crackajack913 says:

    It was the greatest roast ever

    Lil Hyena says:

    he bombed

    Dick Fuckington says:

    I didn’t know Norm before this roast. Born and raised in Germany. But after seeing him at this roast, I looked him up on youtube and been bingewatching since then. Now he’s my favorite comedian.

    Teach a man to fish says:


    T C says:

    There are “black holes” “Bermuda triangle” and “YouTube Norm Rabbit Holes”

    Vingul says:

    @JC dafuq is that supposed to mean, you big ol’ meanie.

    Ricky Jaeger says:

    Oh wow, I had no idea Norm was born and raised in Germany.

    jtm5 says:

    Norm has said that Comedy Central asked him to be shocking. So he did. It’s pretty simple.

    green lampshade says:

    Roasting Bob Saget with clean jokes is comedic genius in and of itself.

    Tina Jeppesen says:

    I read these were old timey jokes from his dad

    Patreeko Time says:

    @Tina Jeppesen weird. Thats exactly what he says in THIS video. 🤦

    Lucifronz says:

    @CaptainTr1pps But by not being funny he was the most hilarious.

    Brupcat says:

    @CaptainTr1pps Laughing is a response to something unexpected in the brain.
    So…It *was* funny, after all.

    Jeremiah Blum says:

    Norm is roasting:
    A) Bob Saget
    B) Roast comics
    C) The audience
    D) The entire concept of roasts
    E) Himself
    F) All of the above in an epic comic genius moment

    TraumaER says:

    @playbackproductions1 underrated. You have to be an SNL fan to get it.

    playbackproductions1 says:

    @TraumaER thank you, sir 👍

    Del Victor says:

    And he used his dad’s old timey joke book…

    Johnny Piston says:

    According to the OJ trial, murder is legal in CA

    nonam namrson says:

    He wasn’t roasting Bob Saget, he was specifically avoiding roasting Bob Saget. He was doing the roast because Bob asked him to, even though he didn’t want to roast him because they’re friends.

    Dying Breed says:

    “They want to murder you in a well.” I couldn’t stop laughing when he said that.

    Yiyex Yiyex says:

    I was about to comment this, and the way he acts surprised, “seems a little harsh”…. “It’s says right here in this card” LMAO

    Horzinicla says:

    But its not funny. I love norm but he made it not funny right?

    Andy Blacksmith says:

    @Horzinicla it’s funny because he’s doing it on purpose.

    Brah, Trumpwon,bigly says:

    @Horzinicla that’s what was funny.

    Brah, Trumpwon,bigly says:

    @Horzinicla God. I’m sitting here laughing at the fact that you didn’t find it funny that it was unfunny on purpose, which is the entire reason it was funny, because you didn’t find it funny just like you weren’t supposed to. Absolutely hilarious!

    SupraRy says:

    Norm Macdonald’s segment on the roast of Bob Sagat has to be one of the greatest routines EVER. The producers told him to be as raunchy and filthy as he could be, much like every other comedians they have on the roasts. So what does Norm do? He literally does one amazing old dad joke after another. Half the crowd has no idea what’s going on but all the real comedians knew exactly what he was doing, he killed the room without using 1 cuss word or 1 dirty joke, absolutely classic.

    Bly Guy says:

    Pretty sure he drops an F bomb when he’s talking about Saget being murdered in a well, but maybe misheard it


    Norm didn’t even see On Golden Pond and still came back with an excellent comeback using his superior powers of perception..

    Kristian DePue says:

    I like how the crowd awkwardly, quietly laughed during the roast, but Norm’s set was talked about (and laughed about) over and over afterwards. …long game.

    Gargajangles says:

    The audience was bemused. The other comedians were pissing themselves. Really sums up Norm’s whole career, honestly.

    Eric Kukuk says:

    I absolutely love Norm’s comedic nihilism. Comedy Central: Make it as dirty and shocking as possible. Norm: Nah, I’m good.

    Eric Kukuk says:

    @Willis SudweeksI used “nihilism” incorrectly, upon revisiting this comment. I just love the fact that he just didn’t give a damn about the material Comedy Central wanted out of him. I’d say he bombed (on purpose) but I still laughed harder with him than any of the other roasts I’ve seen.

    gretcher56 says:

    And then watch him go to town at that youtube event

    Creepy Dingus says:

    Listening to other comedians quote Norm’s jokes is like watching Henry Fonda pick blueberries

    Creepy Dingus says:

    @Michael Kneringer – Wtf are you talking about?

    Lomner says:

    @Creepy Dingus Talking about picking bluberries.

    Brah, Trumpwon,bigly says:

    @Lomner Henry Fonda, that is.

    Lomner says:

    @Brah, Trumpwon,bigly Of course, how silly of me. He’s talking about picking Henry Fonda. 😛

    Antonio Ortiz says:

    It was such a genius moment. It went over the head of most people. Just hysterical.

    Bjørn Gundersen says:

    Rest In Peace, Norm. The world didn’t deserve someone as good as you.

    Mark says:

    @John Robertsso true

    ppdoodoo69 says:

    Anyone who wad influenced by Leo Tolstoy is a legend
    Oh and he was truly hilarious on top of being a deep thinker. Smart guy who played a dumb guy. Rip man 👨 😪 😢 💔

    Mr. Drobot says:

    The world NEEDS MORE NORMS.

    Ro Bot says:

    Norm is gone? I didn’t even know he was sick.

    killmore75 says:

    Bob is gone too! : (

    aj jackson says:

    He might be dead, but will be remembered as one of the all-time greatest comedians in history.

    The Guitologist says:

    “I said what the H is that for?”

    1ik says:


    Anonymous Male says:

    What are you doing here

    NSBT says:

    A truly genius comedic moment. His delivery was perfect, and the timing was amazing. It was at a time when Roasts were extremely trendy again, and Bob Saget was sort of a surprise. Saget is extremely dirty in his comedic style so Norm just went as absurdly clean as possible. Love him

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