MGK won best rock artist & album w/ Megan Fox! 💕🎸

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  • MGK on instastory!
    continued from…MGK paints his tongue black for the #bbmas

    #mgk #ticketstomydownfall #meganfox

    MGK won best rock artist & album w/ Megan Fox! 💕🎸

    Main Channel:

    MGK on instastory!
    continued from...MGK paints his tongue black for the #bbmas

    #mgk #ticketstomydownfall #meganfox
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    Infinit3 Too says:

    Main Channel:

    MGK on instastory!

    Davood Bayrami says:

    @Сергей Васильевич 😔🇮🇷

    Atilano Tv says: 🔥

    Martin Flynn says:

    How has this guy ended up with her what a dweeb

    Davood Bayrami says:

    @Martin Flynn سلام من انگلیسی بلد نیستم

    Davood Bayrami says:

    @Martin Flynn 😔🇮🇷

    Rainaries says:

    This is how you KNOW they’re just giving that award away for free now.

    TALKINGtac0 says:

    @yTosic You slow? You just restated what I said. I wasn’t complaining about it, I was just reminding them what these awards are for, and that they aren’t a statement on how much of a genre something is.

    𝐸𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓃 says:

    @It’s a BLOODY PIGEON MaTe indeed

    Omar Guard says:

    @Marilyn Girard birth name trumps legal name so no it’s Bruce lmao

    Aynurə Qarayeva says:

    Louis Gonzalez says:

    MGK is literally living out my 17 year old fantasy right now 😂

    onëforäll says:

    She’s perfect Yennefer


    👈Hi bro

    Gautr Draugadrottinn says:

    Megan Fox is a mother, her cat is stretched out.

    Aynurə Qarayeva says:

    OH10 BORN AND RAISED says:

    I swear everyone that challenges Eminem ends up a ghost in rap history 🤣 this guy switched to rock😂

    Cole Parsons says:

    @Jayesh Wagh thank you!! And yeah he did binge and hotel Diablo both after rap devil. Binge flopped but was actually an okay album. Hotel Diablo was amazing it helped me get through a really hard time. And before that general admission helped me get to my divorce and have the courage to stick with it and leave without him and without g eazys beautiful and damned I’d still be with a soul sucker that didn’t even believe in me instead of getting studio time and being able to chase a dream

    Cole Parsons says:

    @You IMBECILEhis rap career was actually starting to take a bigger upswing but Kelly wants to be the absolute top and to get radio time and be able to really compete on the charts he realized his rap wouldn’t quite get there. Unfortunately people don’t want any kind of deep or reflective music. Anybody sitting here saying MGK is a shitty rapper or saying he doesn’t have substance doesn’t know ANYTHING. Listen to “merry go round” or “the stairs” or all of general admission in general that album is deep cuts all the way through. And lace up is a great straight rap album. Kelly doesn’t wanna make his name by just copying trappy bullshit. Raps as dead as rock is on the mainstream and possibly even more low brow and low IQ. Being serious enough to refuse to lower the standards of his dialogue just to get on the charts is indicative that he truly knows who he wants to be. He coulda made brainless mainstream hits but instead of selling out he hit on anoyher genre he likes and he knocked it out of the park. I’m not a fan of the new album or pop punk at all but I can see and respect the genius in his approach. He’s gonna remain in the Convo for a long time after hes gone. That’s what he wanted

    blank anonymous says:

    How do you win best rock song, without even having a rock song?

    Mark Rondson says:

    You know rock is DEAD when this guys wins awards for best rock anything.

    Aynurə Qarayeva says:

    Patrick Lee says:

    @David Kay because that’s sadly the only thing that this generation can dish up…

    Riley Myer says:

    Rock isn’t dead you’re just on the other side of it now. Despite whatever age you may be, you’re now the “old out of touch” parent that doesn’t understand the new generations music. Nothings dead, everything is a cycle.

    Mason Oram says:

    Rock is not dead I would’ve been able to pick alot of different albums.

    MetalMann 1983 says:

    As a representative of the rock genre, we decline this offer and hand it to country music.

    Riley Myer says:

    @MetalMann 1983 a fan of music who doesn’t go online to bash artists I don’t like

    MetalMann 1983 says:

    @Riley Myer I said what I said. Him winning best rock artist is an insult to the genre.

    iwalkathinline says:

    @underdogoonit thanks… I didn’t know who this mgk was until your comment lol

    Riley Myer says:

    @MetalMann 1983 it may be an insult to you. But you’re not a representative of the genre

    MetalMann 1983 says:

    @Riley Myer and MGK is far from it.

    JoeFleezy Marquez says:

    How and why he won an award is beyond me!

    Richard Wood says:

    Megan should get a award for sexiest almost dressed woman.

    hoss188 says:

    She belongs to the streets bro

    Mr. K says:

    Best rock artist, but none of those 3 words apply to this dude

    Gavin Kisebach says:

    It’s like a metaphor for the Holy Roman Empire.

    Rudy idk says:

    @Elvar Archfeld bro but there are hella other artist that deserve that reward sooo much more and they’ve actually been going for so many years now and mgk has knly been at it for a couple

    Immortal Firefly06 says:

    lol he made rock punk music ,,, im a rock fan so you know it made me nostalgic when he made one


    @Timothy Getzbruh can people stop talking about the beef that happens in 2018 it’s almost 2022. That’s 4 years c’mon let it go

    Troyphy says:

    This dude living the life while the whole world is crashing down around him.

    Roy Slapped says:

    He won it at the BBMAs. I didn’t even know that the BBMAs was a thing.

    Kim Green says:

    So happy for u sending a bunch of love to this awesome couple

    Eric Raber says:

    Congratulations Megan, you’ve hit rock bottom 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Lauren Rizzuto says:

    Agreed. Agreed

    Kyler Phelps says:

    Honestly mgk.. I appreciate the work you do brother, I could understand how hard it is to switch genres.. I don’t believe you’re a good rock artist let alone the rock artist of the year.. keep up the hard work bro maybe you’ll ACTUALLY earn the award next time..

    Fairwarning 007 says:

    “You can’t kill Rock ‘N’ Roll” – Ozzy Osbourne

    “No, but you can certainly put it in a coma and on life support while it lays in an everlasting vegetative state.” – MGK and Megan Fox

    Robert Piper says:

    The fact that he won this award accurately depicts the current state of rock… and it’s sad

    Eko Playz says:

    MGK isn’t just rock but if he won a title for rock I can understand but his music is still very good.

    Thomasia Sentanio says:

    Why are y’all turning on him suddenly, one minute you like him. Now you don’t. I sense jealousy

    Vlad anims and gaming says:

    As a metalhead i almost cried hearing this for the first time

    Even tho, dont talk about all today’s rock, there are still some good bands such as the romanian altar or most numetal

    Immortal Firefly06 says:

    He made rock punk music ,,, im a rock fan so you know it made me nostalgic when he made one

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