Max Kellerman's issues with Kyrie Irving's Instagram Live comments | This Just In

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Max Kellerman’s issues with Kyrie Irving’s Instagram Live comments | This Just In
Max Kellerman weighs in on Kyrie Irving’s comments on Instagram Live, saying he still hopes to return and play for the Brooklyn Nets but that “this is about my life and what I am choosing to do.”

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  • Comments

    Spacewang says:

    Wait wait wait. He supports his right to withhold from taking the vaccine but not his right to work? Anyone’s right to work? If I can’t work I can’t have a roof over my head, if I don’t have a roof over my head I don’t have a place for my groceries or cooking. I can’t hunt for my food out of season. I can’t be on land I don’t own. If anyone doesn’t want to be vaccinated then you support potentially killing someone. Funny what you people will protect and will discard as important as long as it’s important to you. You don’t give up rights and get them back. The science is also out there especially from employees themselves saying not to give it to your children. Jonathan Issac said it well. How many false flag events do we need. Think bigger than the moment where this all goes. I had covid before it went world wide, they gave me a x-ray and didn’t know what to do so I got an inhaler. I’m young, messed me up a few days then it passed. Just fine now. There’s science this stuff can hurt you just as much as help you. That’s why you should have a choice. How many of you are at risk for obesity telling me I’m the one at risk? How many more shots until each variant is gone, the current one being less deadly but more transmissible per the science? These are all conversations we need to have before going tribal mentality. Now they are going to take your religious freedoms in the name of this virus. When all said and done do you think you’re gonna get them back? Do you?

    Newport Beach says:

    Reading scripts attacking a grown man, smh. God bless America

    Newport Beach says:

    The government has had lotteries to try and get people vaccinated! Some states/cities offered 100$ per person! Those two things alone would be enough for me NOT to get vaccinated. The government still sells cigarettes, KNOWN to cause cancer! ALL the fast food chains are still open and they cause obesity and diabetes!  BUT all of a sudden ALL of these restrictions and rules and to keep everyone SAFE because the government is worried about their health lol. I don’t buy that for 1 minute…. Good luck bots!

    Trento Thomas says:

    Max da 🐐💯

    Newport Beach says:

    I don't understand how the "protected" need "protection" from the "unprotected" if they're so "protected" 🤔

    Last week CNN ran a story acknowledging the vaccine reduced your natural immunity to other viruses.

    Several million people have now been affected negatively by the Vax. Men and boys have developed heart issues. Women and girls have developed reproduction issues. Covid plus vaccine equals less people now and in the future. Which gates and others have been saying for years, is needed.

    We had native Americans that told other native Americans, it's ok, the white people are good people. We all know how that worked out.

    It's simple, our bodies our choice! High school like peer pressure and group thinking is another dead giveaway.

    Golabal genocide on a massive level and most people do their research on T.V and social media.

    lawrence berny says:

    Let’s all take a moment of silence to pray 🙏 two dear Lord Messiah Dr. Fauci

    Youssef Alamood says:

    So the vaccine does not prevent getting covid, and does not prevent spreading covid. tell again why it is a vaccine ?

    TejanoBoy says:

    Max should have his own show called "Just-In With Kellerman" aka BlackerthanStephenA aka NextGenWhiteChocolate aka M. Kelly

    tbforlife45 says:

    fauci is a fraud

    KW Entertainment says:

    I've come to stop expecting logical things from a man who believes the earth is flat. Giving Kyrie media coverage for all of this is like giving a kid candy for throwing a fit.

    Marcus Wong says:

    The 'exemption" was given by the team, but this isnt about the TEAM. Its the city of New York. If you have an issue go to the Mayor and protest or kidnap him or something, but has nothing to do with your employer.

    mark two says:

    The NBA is seriously lacking in prime time players like Kyrie Irving.

    lawrence berny says:

    MLK = Kyrie Irving

    quincyjackson1950 says:

    Lol, they want to force this brotha to take a vaccine by any means

    raul arosemena says:

    Lets go MAX!

    Karol G says:

    Haven't watched first take since you left bud.. miss ya.

    Damien843 says:

    Hard to say somebody using sound logic when they have in the past said the world is flat 🤣

    Jesus Garcia says:

    Oh now everyone wants max back on FT?

    IAMCL says:

    My biggest problem with Kyrie is that he has always been this way. Science and anything of that nature do not mix with Kyrie. He legit believes the Earth is flat. There is no amount of proof that can change this mans mind. Once he has made up his mind and has an opinion that's what it is.

    Tony Cruz-McLeod says:

    Everyone: Max you’re RIGHT and here’s why….

    Skateboardian Skates says:

    Max trash and espn as a whole trash! You put all your faith in dr. Faucci who has been on record multiple times switching his stance! I was told never put your faith in man! God has a way of testing ppl!!!

    A Dee says:

    I see why Stephen A kicked him the curb

    Regal Tone T says:

    SMFH! This is udder ridiculous

    Fredrik Filipsson says:

    This guy is just weird, so many problems with him all the time….

    Lord Escanor says:

    Max saying the same thing SAS saying lmao y’all just want him back on FT

    Second Son says:

    If he got the religious exemption he says he would play. But the vaccination mandate would still be enforced. Unvaccinated people would have been fired. But Kyrie would still be playing as he got his exemption. But how about being the voice of the voiceless? Nah, just another reason not to get vaccinated.

    YouTight says:

    I could understand now why Max left first take.The man just want to speak his peace without being yelled at by someone from across the table.

    Jay says:

    I’m sick of America and sports 🏀🏈⚽️ ⚾️ at this point. Leave that brotha alone. You going to start seeing people’s true colors and agendas. They happy when he puts a ball 🏀 in a basket but unhappy when he makes individual decisions goes to show you what’s wrong with America. This is bigger than money, sports and winning championships.

    Mr Blueꪜ says:

    1:08 he cares unlike SAS aka Mr "TrAdE hIm AnD wIgGiNs"

    Capital P says:


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