Live: Cadaver dogs join search for Brian Laundrie, seen from SkyFOX

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The search for Brian Laundrie continues at the Carlton Reserve. Today, Pasco County K9 Diesel, trained to detect human remains, has joined the manhunt.


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    douglas hunt says:

    Call up Ft. Bragg and give 5hour notice to evacuate the area. Then send in 10 gunships to drop napalm. We been wanting to thin out those gators anyway. Brian needs to be made aware of all the tools that are available to federal government. TURN YOURSELF IN, BRIAN. THIS ISN'T 1860 AND YOU'RE NOT JEREMIAH JOHNSON.

    Eligia Marteliz “Jodi “ says:

    That doggie is living it’s best life right now lol running wild and free.

    Lawnpro KING says:

    Cadaver dogs…..Does that mean they think he's dead?

    Derrick Dunn says:

    People don't be stupid 3 days that man is long gone all this tax payers money is been wasted this girl is dead they found her body. Justice will take its course

    Laurie Anne Rodriguez says:

    Nobody could live out there.

    Brad G says:

    Arrest the parents for aiding and abetting

    Audrey Bordeleau says:

    How can 1 dumbass is able to hide from professionnal ressources for so long its beyond me …. like wtf you guys doing to yourself ?

    EngineThatCould says:

    He's free as a bird. In Canada on a mountain somewhere with a cup of tea and some jelly looking out into the vast wilderness. Probably gonna continue to head north. 😔

    About Face says:

    id get the sniffer dogs to all shopping malls / precincts in a 50 mile area. hes out back of such places living on scavenged food and early deliveries. No way this poser is doing the off grid thing. He couldn't handle the real outdoors. Doubtful he has help beyond the parents. Too risky for the helper

    Rubenia Malone says:

    Brian's parents might be laughing at these people. He helped to run away and then said he went on that trail, but I pray to God somebody turn him in. Parents are bad people.

    The45dana says:

    oh no, he's not there i agree

    J D says:

    He's not there has it home

    PrivateEyeYiYi says:

    If you’re near open water the most logical way to escape is by boat.

    Vanessa Shuttleworth says:

    That puppy sure is enjoying his outing the officers may have to stop the dog and remind him what he's up there for

    Rebecca BeccaLu says:

    If he is dead, Gabby gets no justice. If he is dead, his blood is on his parents hands. I feel zero sympathy for the Laudries, if he has died. If he is dead, the only justice I hope to see is the parents of Brian arrested and go on trial, having to sit through all of the gruesome details of Gabby's murder and then serve jail time for this mess they could have avoided had their morals kicked in on September 1st. God bless Gabby and her family! God please let this manhunt end today one way or another. Other cases in Florida and across the country need attention, this needs to stop.

    Eligia Marteliz “Jodi “ says:

    How far away can a doggie smell upto ?

    The45dana says:

    i hope they find him alive so he can serve a life sentance for what he did

    Cheryl Webb says:

    There's some reason the police and dog are out there.

    KARMA TIMES says:

    Is it possible that Brian Laundrie is in a mental institution somewhere?

    Calico Dumbass says:


    Patricia Falls says:

    I hope they not thinking he's deceased. I want him to be alive.

    Potato Face says:

    It will be hilarious if it turns out the parents killed him on/after their "camping" trip and now pretending to be ignorant 🤣

    Sean Stevenson says:

    In this type of situation, the authorities should open up the search and capture of Brian to any citizen that wants to Help!

    Roz Brown says:

    Do u think Brian's parents would show the same nonchalance if it was their daughter murdered by her boyfriend? No! They would want justice… They need to grow a conscience and tell where he is. If not, they might as well have killed that poor girl themselves. By shielding him, they're as vile as he is

    samuel gellada says:

    what kind of humans is brian he chalenges USA of americas the nest detectiv es how he make them loss by his way of hiding …….he think we are all stupid in finding him so weird

    Mary Royer says:

    A waste of taxpayers money. I hope his parents and lawyer have to pay for this

    Bobby Kennedy says:

    Look like to me they be in there where they found that abandoned Shack with inforred the other day showing someone with movement

    Carole Henson says:

    I have been thinking that the only reason that law enforcement is staying in the reserve is that they have some evidence that he is there. My best guess is that when he got the phone in early September, he also got a solar phone charger… and sometimes turns off the phone / removes the batteries. That would explain why the search stops and starts, depending on the day. So strange about the cadaver dogs, though.

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