Kamala Harris is clearly in 'over her head': Concha

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‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses Vice President Harris’ string of missteps and gaffes

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  • Comments

    Dirty Harry Callahan says:

    Willie Brown's Bratwurst Bun

    Tickle Chain says:

    She has always hated America.
    She is absolutely vile, disgusting.
    UnAmerican, anti-American, domestic terrorists in power.

    David Caunter says:

    I’m not sure what Korrupt Kamala’s game plan is. It’s almost as if she is trying to distance herself from Sleazy Joe. I guess she’s just letting things fall apart hoping he gets booted and she steps in as (god forbid) president.

    7ragen says:

    Cuz she really knows nothing does she way to go Kamala worse vice president in history

    Mike Gulick says:

    Anybody tired of these people trying to change everything…there a disgrace to our country.. its hasn't even been a year yet…God help us

    ML Greer says:

    Only in America can a person that resembles braying donkey go on to be more powerful than the speaker of the house, Nancy 25k refrigerator Pelosi.

    Dk Ks says:

    If the European explorers like Columbus hadn’t discovered America none of us would be fortunate to live in the greatest nation God ever created.

    Terilynn Bennett says:

    This is history and should be improved on as it has been , not spreading hateful things about the past! Americans are so much better then that! We the people are us all!

    We Could Not Keep It says:

    A vice president is not supposed to be the assistant president. The vice president is supposed to be the person you would least like to become president. In this role, Harris excels.

    Dale Sorensen says:

    C ant U nderstand N ormal T hinking.

    Cumin Threw says:

    That quote "Last person to leave the room. She's also the 1st person to leave the room in a crisis 🤣🤣🤣 was EPIC!!!!

    cadeem warner-pearson says:

    So are they canceling Columbus day now

    rusty shackleford says:

    Fact check Thanksgiving is in November not October

    Merrill Flinders says:

    "perpetrating violence, stealing land and spreading disease". Sounds exactly like what this administration is doing at our border.

    David Brewerr says:

    Kinkos hasnt been a thing since 2008…. just saying

    Mad Hatter says:

    She's an idiot. She should not be allowed to collect any pay for a job never done.

    Mike Christmas says:

    She was clearly over willie browns head too

    Wade Nixon says:

    “Heels up Harris” Has always been over the top, just ask wills brown, she is a total disgrace and a failure, Americans don’t need.

    gregory barr says:

    Shame on our vice president

    Lawnpro KING says:

    this administration makes me look like Einstein

    55points says:

    Ask her to name ONE race of people that did not conquer others for dominance since the dawn of humanity. American Natives were at war with each other long before we came. Constantly. Its human nature to advance ones civilizations. Right or wrong. The strongest survive. And we did learn from it and grow to become better people. You cant go back you can only go forward and that is what the USA did.

    James Jowitt says:

    Vice-president Harris keep making Excuses about the Job she can't protect the Border,

    keith g w says:

    Her heels are also over her head

    The Irishman says:

    ..so is hunter on coke

    john lumus says:

    Deeply troubled at first glance.

    Dorito Chees says:

    and China let out the virus on the world..
    and China is killing innocent people for there organs..
    and our government is doing nothing to China at all…

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