Jamie Lynn Spears breaks her silence

ABC’s Juju Chang sits down with Britney Spears' sister, Jamie Lynn, to discuss her unstable upbringing and her courage to discuss her mental health journey.

Jamie Lynn Spears breaks her silence

ABC’s Juju Chang sits down with Britney Spears' sister, Jamie Lynn, to discuss her unstable upbringing and her courage to discuss her mental health journey.
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    Angela Dare says:

    No! She does not need a platform. I’m sure Britney does not appreciate you giving her a platform.

    TheSweetOne says:

    Not to down play what she is doing or has done but writing a book, in the last 20 years at least, is just a cash grab. If you have something to say, there are soo many ways to get your voice out there and heard to nearly everyone … For free.

    Orion says:

    Amazing how people act when the free ride ends. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose our family when we are born into this world.

    Matthew Ramsey says:

    Ooh I was starting to feel sorry for her but you sure snapped me right back into reality.

    MrManny says:

    Milking the sister’s famous name.

    Billy SBC says:

    Your older sister is supposed to be looking out for you, not the other way around, unless your older sister goes crazy from drugs and partying and then is so scrambled she attacks her little little sister instead of looking out for her.

    Wabasha says:

    You said it

    Krystina Rossi says:

    Wait full stop. So let me get this right, both Jamie Lynn and Lynne Spears have now openly written books which detail how horrific and abusive Jamie Spears was as a father and husband. So why in the world would they NOT actively and vocally oppose Jamie Spears as Britney’s conservator? Even IF Britney needed a temporary conservatorship in 2008, it never should have been her father. You can’t heal emotional wounds in the same environment that gave you those wounds.

    Krystina Rossi says:

    @Kaylon Centers Nobody is saying Jamie Lynne is responsible for Britney’s father becoming her conservator. The reason Britney feels so incredibly invalidated and hurt by her mother and sister is that even after both writing books telling the world how horrific and abusive Jamie Spears was as a father and husband for decades, for 13 years neither was against her father being in total control of her. When this interviewer asked JL if she didn’t agree w/her father’s conservatorship over Britney, JL’s response was “No, I’m not saying I didn’t agree with the conservatorship”. Not to mention this entire interview was filmed in Lou Taylor’s house.

    cigarfeeler says:

    @Krystina Rossi
    I seen this situation with so many different families and it is very sad and depressing.
    When money is involved, family 👪 👨‍👧‍👧 👩‍👧‍👧 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 becomes like strangers and sometimes mortal enemies.
    Regardless whatever anyone says or believe 🤷, when 💰 💰 💰 is involved, watch out!!!!

    vy88 says:

    Right?! She would write a book but won’t go to court to testify against her dad to oppose his conservatorship…

    Jill Jillio says:

    💯 Spot on!

    username says:

    @Krystina Rossi It’s a result of bad parents. Both Jamie and Lynne. Lynne taught Jamie L that she doesn’t have a voice and to go along with what others do. To ME it feels like Jamie L just went along with everything because she saw that her sister was struggling mentally (i do believe she has improperly treated mental illness), and everyone told her not to worry that they will take care of it. Beyond that, I think she just lived her life. Britney could have resentment over that and obviously there is lots we don’t know. All the anger fans have towards Jamie L, why isn’t there the same anger to Sam? He had more opportunity to help Britney as a complete outsider. There is still a lot we don’t know and one thing is for sure, no fan should harass Jamie L the way they have been. Sharing opinions are one thing but too many fans take it too far calling her a abuser. This type of behavior is not something to be proud of.

    Beba says:

    The body never lies !!!!! look how she shakes her head when she talks about how much she ”loves” Britney

    kristen says:

    “Not only did my family not do a gd thing … My whole family did nothing … I would honestly like to sue my family” – Britney Spears

    Kieran Stark says:

    What a legend the queen is for speaking against her family (just because Jamie Lynn and her mother were victims of Jamie Spears’ misogynistic assault towards them doesn’t mean they’re free from criticism after all the evil things they did to more people than just her own family member Britney)

    Heather Sutcliffe says:

    I can relate 2 britney with her abusive controling family im so glad shes free now

    Beba says:

    When she talks about how she wanted Britney to get out of the conversationship, she shakes her head….LIAR !!!!!

    Joe says:

    If ABC did their research, they should have asked Jamie Lynn “Who is Lou Taylor? And what is your relationship to Lou Taylor?” Shake on you ABC for this fluff piece

    countdownda says:

    I’ve read this is filmed in LT’s house

    Heavenleelee says:

    She’s actually wearing Lou Taylor’s clothes in this interview aaaand she did the interview in Lou Taylor’s house.

    Lo Ko says:

    This interview was done is Lou’s fucking house! 🐍🐍🐍

    Heirloom Cottage Designs says:

    Trying to distance herself now that Daddy’s not controlling the money and they might all get sued for living off Britney…

    CZA says:

    The paper trail doesn’t lie. Billed everything to her sisters estate, and knew her family was drugging her sister.

    Vicki Rupp says:

    I know exactly what she’s saying. My dad was an angry alcoholic. I lived in fear daily until I rose up against him. I live with anxiety now, autoimmune disorder, hashimotos thyroid disease. Lack of nurturing fucks people up.

    CrowRedEye says:

    I grew up with an alcoholic stepdad. It definitely sets us up for anxiety disorders. I have one, too, plus C-PTSD. Living on constant high alert is very damaging. Best of luck to you!

    Tara Kandece Plantagenet says:

    Were you a Millionaire too? She needs to stop crying about it. Grow up and get over it. Everyone has went through things in their lives. But there comes a time when you need to stop being the victim. Remember that you went through that for a reason. Grow from it and keep moving forward. Let your light shine. If I was to get butt hurt every time someone talked about suicide or losing a child or being raped or being the victim of a home invasion I would be in a constant state of sorrow and my PTSD would be out of control. It’s up to YOU to turn the negative into a positive even if you really have to look deep within yourself. Don’t punish yourself. It’s not your fault. And sorry but Evelynn or Eva Lynn something that sounds like and Betty Barbara a B name on your Maternal(Mom’s) side. Mom’s Sister or Aunt , anyways she’s with you and can hear you she said. You aren’t nuts. Just open she says. Big Hugs XOXO

    listentothis says:

    The parents split when she was like 8-9 years old. In the past 13 years Jamie Lynn has done nothing but post online many family events with the dad, stating he even came to live with her after his bowel operation in 2019, but Britney has hardly been pictured with any of them. Heck Jamie was even in her music documentary in 2016 called when the lights go out. Now a book is out and the conservatorship is done, suddenly she’s trying to distance herself. I’m lost.

    Violeta Skye says:

    If she’s holding back vocally, she’s holding back in her book. If you’re gonna speak the truth, SPEAK IT ALL.

    Hali T Lightwork says:


    arnela bih says:

    Maybe she’s scared of her dad

    Roguehouse says:

    Exactly! This unfortunately screams LMTaylor 🙄✌️

    Roguehouse says:

    @Jean Dixson !

    123the prodigy says:

    I can’t believe Britney Spears is 40 years old, and she was told she wasn’t able to take care of herself, Her finances, and her children.

    123the prodigy says:

    @Billy SBC she is definitely unwell, she has PTSD, my sister would’ve had to do something terrible to me to make me lash out like that in public, and talk negatively about her. But it’s kind of too late for Brittany to have a baby, once you approach your 40s, your reproductive hormones start to decline. She can still have a baby, but she is at risk.

    Billy SBC says:

    @123the prodigy

    Yeah especially since her sister didn’t do a damn thing to her right? You’ve always gotta ask, would you do you your little sister what she’s doing? And once you answer that question you’ll know who you’re dealing with.

    Cody Skrobot says:

    Right…like an 18 year old just got arrested for throwing her new born baby in a dumpster, but Britney can’t take care of her kids that she WANTS?? If bad people can raise kids, nobody that wants and loves kids should be counted out

    Billy SBC says:

    @Cody Skrobot

    You’re having a hard time seeing her as just another party girl mom in family court.

    MidwestMusicGurl says:

    I love how she just casually calls the family dysfunctional and messy 😂

    Fake Account says:

    She was not asked about the controversy around the $1 million penthouse condo in Destin, Fla., that she publicly said was hers but was in fact owned by her sister.

    MrManny says:

    She obviously didn’t have the money to live large. She got pregnant at 17 and she was out.

    Катерина Черкасова says:

    This one deserves more likes

    Katy Strawberry says:

    If she would have came out and said that she knew what was going in but was too afraid of losing her free ride than I would have had more respect for her than her trying to act like she was a victim too.

    Visualking 420 says:

    Save the tears she knew exactly what was going on if we the fans can put two and two together with the little information we have I know for a fact she knew/understood what was going on behind closed doors hopefully in the near future they can repair their relationship bc unfortunately life is to short

    Hollywood Raw says:

    Who else is patiently waiting for Britney to share her side of the story??🙋‍♂️

    Monster McBoo says:

    “Breaks her silence.”
    She never once stopped squawking. She also had her hand out the whole time. 🐍

    Sussy-🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞 says:

    Amazing how people act when the free ride ends. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose our family when we are born into this world.

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