'It amounts to BETRAYAL' if Kyrie doesn't come back – Stephen A.'s thoughts on the Nets | First Take

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‘It amounts to BETRAYAL’ if Kyrie doesn’t come back – Stephen A.’s thoughts on the Nets | First Take
Stephen A. Smith discusses Kyrie Irving’s situation with the Brooklyn Nets, along with how Kevin Durant is impacted.
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  • Comments

    Laz Meloo says:

    Max is more blacker then you stephen A.. Those were the realist words that had to be said but also ruined this show… This show is garbage. What a joke.. Well back to undisputed.

    Infowarrior89 says:

    Its stupid policy of the city that is to blame

    QSLIMQ says:

    KD one of the most loyal person as they come 😂 what a take

    Charlie Moon says:

    Kyrie is a attention where! Thats all he care about

    kaseen Collins says:

    Here we go Steven A is a joke… how is not taking this shot harmful when you have the shot. Look Steven A always criticise black athletes but highlights white one. Look at Aaron Roger when he held out nothing. Look at the owner of the Cowboys talked about his yacht but Kyrie trade him distraction. Man please

    Christopher Grandison says:

    Hey, Lebron supports player's choice, but when he also figured,, Kyrie won't be available – the Nets won't have that three headed monster on a consistent basis? He was all in. Do as you please. Personal choice!

    Hood TravelTv says:

    They have Molly debating Stephen A. Somewhere Max kellerman is laughing 😂😂

    jtayl41 says:


    OscarUnrated says:

    Kyrie the only person I wanna tell shut up and dribble lmao

    Samson J says:

    If anyone thinks Kyrie can play off games good luck cuz Brooklyn won’t go far having a part time player . Plus he’s injury prone I expect Kyrie to be injured during playoffs like always

    Pretty Boy says:

    They hate him!!! Be strong Kylie

    Alex says:

    You're wrong Stephen!

    MR NYC says:

    Stephen a at it again analyzing people thinking process like he knows what goes on in this players head

    thuba jr says:

    let me guess before watching this video,LeBron will be mentioned in this vidoe at some point

    D's Real Reviews says:

    Does Screaming A Smith understand that KD is NOT a doctor?

    Supreme XYZ says:

    Get off of Kyrie's Nutsack bro my god!!!

    RobsQue says:

    is this a debate show?

    Bad Morning says:

    Kyrie irving should take brooklyn to the supreme court for violating rule #1 of the nuemberg code.

    Georgie Georgie says:

    It is personal fool what you going to force him to take some vaccine he doesn’t want to. Stephen A is over rated we need some new energy and developers on these shows

    smoove55dfs says:

    Even if your vaccinated you can still catch and transmit the virus!!!! Vaccination doesn’t make you immune from it!

    GenieKid says:

    It's funny that the people who back freedom of body for the unvaccinated populate these comments sections. I'm surprised. I thought it would be unpatriots. I guess if the NBA wants Kyrie to drop acid he should just because their mandates are drug related without anyone's personal decisions in mind.

    Mista Amazin says:

    It's betrayal how you go on national TV and put your trust in a government that's been lying before you were even born but want to criticize & judge people for having common sense & free will..you lost me on this one 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Jamen Lanogwa says:

    YOU ARE NOT MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO ATTRACT IT. IT MAKES THE SYPTEMS LESS SEVERE. IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU IMMUNE. IT IS NOT A CURE. YOU CAN STILL GET IT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND PASS IT OR ON LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Also they are pro athletes. 80% of hospitalizations are from out of shape and obese people. Guess what 78% of the US meets that criteria

    King7 says:

    Quick question?… so how come they didn’t make the flu shot or any other shot this serious ppl died from and I’d judge a flu is just about the same as getting Covid with different symptoms(far as severity)… what deems this a pandemic to where ppl have to take shots for something just to keep there job for something along the level of a flu ..ppl didn’t lose there job for that and it was a choice to get the flu shot and they still kept there job🤔.. does that not tell u it’s an agenda there pushing?..

    omar jamaleddin says:

    I keep clicking forgetting Max isnt on the show anymore

    Bajan Male says:

    While we are at it let's stop all the gangs, the R words, people that did murder, and people on the streets doing drugs. All those were and are threats to other people.

    Long Nguyen says:

    “KD is most loyal individual you’ll ever meet” 😂SAS tripping

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