FBI: U.S. Navy Engineer Tried To Sell Nuclear Submarine Secrets

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Have you ever hid an SD card full of nuclear secrets in a peanut butter sandwich and then tried to sell it to a foreign country for tens of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency only to find out it was an FBI sting all along? Chris Hayes and Frank Figliuzzi unpack this bonkers—but true—story. 
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  • Comments

    VHTesla says:

    'Nuclear sub' applies to literally the entire present-day USN sub fleet. Bigger question is whether this guy had info concerning USN boomers.

    Michael Brueckner says:

    The former Commander-in-Chief said to this guy, "Look, I'm making 100m dollar with my corrupt government. What's in it for you?" The difference is, this guy operated undercover, whereas the Looser2020 did it in open daylight. When does the FBI show up in FL?

    Haruhi Suzumiya says:

    The emus need nuclear submarines, just like Australia

    Willy319 says:

    Thank God for the FBI, we have to protect this type of Tech for our protection.

    Stuart Milne says:

    Sad this couple believed that money from espionage would bring happiness etc. Now they lose everything.

    Daniel Duvalle says:

    Definitely Trump-supporting traitors.

    shaquille mccray says:

    This is something Trump and his cult followers would do.

    Johnny Buckets says:

    Why isn’t The fake news reporting that these two traitors are registered Democrats with anti-trump messages all over their social media sites? Fox News and Newsmax is giving the full truth. Why do you folks watch these liars?

    shaquille mccray says:

    This is madness. I hope hey arrested him.

    rick mason says:

    He wanted ta be James Bond….

    p8ently obvious says:

    They are TRUMP SUPPORTERS. the Republicans will remain silent about it knowing that its one of their team members

    Bill Robbins says:

    Hope they are both prosecuted and live the rest of their lives behind bars.
    Question? Perhaps the betrayal of M Flynn as a foreign agent who was awarded how much money by a foreign government. Still no prosecution to date has helped open the gates to this type of behavior?

    John Yost says:

    Shout out to George Floyd on eighteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕🚩

    Jawin Kantu says:

    Traitor prison for life

    Just Being Me Sparks says:

    So people are out here trying to be actual spies – with their wife, no doubt!

    Fred Gonzalez says:

    A Black Lives Matter and Joe Biden supporter Jonathan Toebbe, aides by his wife Diana, sold classified information concerning nuclear-powered warships to U.S enemies.

    Reza Motori says:

    what kind of peanut butter?….please tell me its not skippy!
    what kind of chewing gum?….please tell me its not wrigley's!

    Poison Toad says:

    Nothing compared to what Trump will tell Putin if you guys let him escape.

    Mike Regan says:

    Yep. France.

    dieol says:

    What is wrong with people what is this world coming to with these people wow my opinion exactly

    Darwinsom says:

    Wait was there no Jelly? This wasn't a huge Red Flag?
    Nonstick Band-Aid, flesh color? Did it stick to the scab?
    Extremely interesting negotiations. A bit like a guy on top of a flag pole.
    Shocked we actually had competent people working a case. Trump must have missed it on Fox news

    out_running _erins says:

    Guantanamo bound?

    t b says:

    I hope they’re executed like the spy’s Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were. That should send a message deterring future spy behavior by US citizens.

    Howard Ebert says:

    That man and woman probably Democrats too ain't they sound like a Democrat way

    montego breeze says:

    Best Guess: Wine Cafes Fr@nce 🤐 bitter: about Sub Deal w/Australia

    Lily Jade says:

    it was turkey, that's why he went for sandwiches

    Mary Ellen Griffey says:

    Lock up the one who speaks his mind on the Truth. Set free the traitors U.S policy.

    Jaws Trock says:

    I bet it's Germany…

    Ro G says:

    Hiding it in a PBJ, I bet he thought he was being real smooth. 😉

    Meh. Should have gone with the "a sub sandwich would have been too obvious" joke again. 😝

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