Everyone Is…Thanking Sakurai! And It's Wonderful ❤️

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After the final Smash Presentation earlier today, #ThankYouSakurai has been trending on social media, so much so that Sakurai himself even addressed it!

Video by: Tris Valbuena
Thumbnail by: Tom Arnold
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  • Comments

    Brennan Jeppson says:

    Sakurai is the biggest homie of all time and his work is a masterpiece!

    Alex Lucifer says:

    Honestly I’m DONE with Smash Bros
    You Disney fanboys got who you wanted
    Now I’ll be the time for Disney to ruin Nintendo with identity politics

    323starlight says:

    Sora releases on October 18th. A full 13 days after his reveal day.

    13 days.

    BleuEri says:

    Is this the end for smash for forever?

    brent bman says:

    I give all thanks to Sakurai. But this series I think we can all agree shouldn't end completely. There should always be more smash to b excited for. But for now , we should b happy with ultimate and look forward to Nintendos next console.

    David Hill says:

    After this, the future of Super Smash Bros. is uncertain. I’d say that the next Smash title will take 4 years of development for the base game, and be released 7 years from now. Brawl was released 6 years after Melee.

    ZiggyKick92 says:

    YES! It went viral! Definitely is deserving of a wrestling fan style chant now!
    Thank You, Sakurai! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    Henry Infinity says:

    It’s official. There will be no more smash bros games.

    Tommy Deonauth's Archives says:

    *Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl releases today*
    Disney: I'm about to end this man's career!

    De7mon7eUP says:

    I don't care if Walugi is not in Smash,but i really feel like a waluigi game is needed,Sakurai you can rest now but Nintendo you know what to do

    Thala says:

    Thank u sakurai

    Benjamin Tanner says:

    It's a Good Thing. Especially after Sakurai was Harassed and so many people destroyed their Switches over Byleth(Stupid "Too Many Characters" Fan Rule), This was a nice turn for the Smash Fanbase.

    Travis L says:

    A legend among legends in game development circles. The man made a game truly worthy of the word "Ultimate" in its title. The series has come a long way from its explosive start on the N64, and every gen since. I anticipate that even though he is retiring, Smash will return someday, but it shall never quite be as Ultimate as this one. Not to say the future is only downhill for it, but that the only person who could top Sakurai at Smash Bros is none other than Sakurai himself. Thank you Mr. Sakurai. Thank you for everything!

    Joshua Thomas says:

    The support for sakurai trending online is great. Thank you, Sakurai, for adding Sora into smash, and made me happy. But where will Smash go after ultimate? But I don't need to worry about smash now. Get some rest Sakurai, you earned it.

    Isaiah Kayode says:

    Thank you Sakurai you have earn them Rest.

    Christian Marshall says:

    sakurai is more than a game developer. he is a hero.

    Roberto Herrera says:

    Thank you Mr. Sakurai!!!

    UniqueHybridDragon says:

    Thank you, Sakurai-San.

    Josh 1209 says:

    Thank you Sakurai. Get some rest.

    bEtchaos7 says:

    thank you sakurai

    Jon C says:

    Bitter sweet as this is the last Super Smash Bros. game we will ever have.

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