Chris Hayes On The Chorus Of Whining Coming From The Supreme Court Justices

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“The level of defensiveness here shows the criticisms of the court are really getting to them. They hear it. They know that the public perception of them is bad. And that’s a good thing,” says Chris Hayes, on the reaction from Justices to their low public approval and recent criticism.
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  • Comments

    Annette Armstrong says:

    Impeach them both!!! When it call into question the integrity or validity of (a practice). Also, If a federal official commits a crime or otherwise acts improperly, the House of Representatives may impeach—formally charge—that official. If the official subsequently is convicted in a Senate impeachment trial, he is removed from office. Origins and Development.

    Ralph York says:

    Maybe somebody should reiterate to them that it is their sworn mission to defend the Constitution and any action that attacks a Constitutional right or amendment IS their job. It's not 'politics'.

    JP Schlecht says:

    i know amy's son. i grew up with him

    T. Rex says:

    Boof! Nobody trusts McConnell's judges? Go figure.

    Roman Cultist says:

    It is a woman's right to choose.

    "… I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject, I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation… I am in earnest. I will not equivocate. I will not excuse. I will not retreat a single inch and I will be heard."

    Kirk from The Marshall Report says:

    Every one of the conservative 6 need to be executed

    Paul Chamberlain says:

    I like beer!

    Scott Cromwell says:

    And, isn't it curious that it's the "conservative" members, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, and even Steven Bryer, who are coming out to publically defend themselves. Commonly referred to as "feeling guilty" enough to say they're not guilty.

    Hunter Jones says:

    Nooo..noo.not the Shadow Docket, it's called the Kangaroo Court. Big difference.

    Jontie at Moet says:

    It is sad that America has become a SITCOM to the rest of the world

    Twisted Reality says:

    Any and every elected official should have reasonable term limits. Nobody needs power until death. You are asking for abuse and corruption.

    Jane Doe says:


    Lloyd Thurston Dinwiddie AkA Gyant says:

    Damage it. 😂😂 That’s funny. Independent body my left foot.

    Peter Tool says:

    They knew full well of Epstein. Did nothing. They all are guilty of reckless child endangerment. Prosecute an imprisonment for the constitutional laws they've treaded upon.

    Alicia Craig says:

    Great segment!!!

    John Tomasini says:

    Thinking you will have an impartial legal system, where judges are politically appointed is ludicrous.

    Keith Morrison says:

    Anyone with power must view their job as the highest court in the county for all not their personal veiw. Their decision was made to deny women rights in Texas and open for more states to deny there right NUTS

    Rory Gay says:

    One of the justices commented earlier this summer that maybe the court is not as supreme as people think it is.

    matt Alford says:

    I'm about tired of scotus insulting my intelligence. Like I can't see or understand their rulings lol. Actions speak louder than words. Or their rulings speaks louder than their whining.

    Shane Pipkin says:

    Texas is great protect the unborn

    Cool As A Moose says:

    Wow, only 40% approve the Supreme Court? To put it in perspective, isn't that about 3 times higher than Congress? LOL! No news here.

    Devin McDonnell says:

    Why was the policy of previous decades to make sure the court confirmed judges with a PARTISAN BALANCE to the court if not to admit there is political bias at play inherently as part of judicial thinking????

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