Charleston White: Every Year I "Purge" on the Day I Killed a Man (Part 14)

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Part 13:
Part 1:
In the latest clip, Charleston White reacted to VladTV’s interview with GD founder Don Dirk. He called the interview powerful and responded to Dirk’s claims that the Gangster and Black Disciples never split and that the rappers and younger generations have fueled the conflict. Charleston also talked about older or former gang members failing to “purge” themselves of the acts they’ve committed and staying attached to the gang lifestyle. To hear Charleston White explain how he’s changed his ways, check out the above clip.

Charleston White on Why He Disses Crips & Gd's But Defends Tookie & Larry Hoover (Part 13)

Watch the full interview now as a VladTV Youtube Member -

Part 14:
Part 12:
Part 1:
In the latest clip, Charleston White talked about his efforts to get Larry Hoover out of 23-hour lockdown. When DJ Vlad asked how Charleston White could denounce gangs but defend Larry Hoover, Charleston said he condemns "old fools" who fail to strive for the same redemption as Hoover. He also brought up Crips founder, Tookie Williams, and how he and Hoover completely changed their mentality and disassociated themselves from the gangs they helped create. Charleston White added that most gang members fail to evolve like Larry Hoover and Tookie Williams. To hear more, check out the above clip.
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  • Comments

    DJEFatness says:

    This title is purposely misleading.

    Alex Starks says:

    What a fkn liar he ain’t kill shit I seen the court papers what a clown

    Karen Baker says:

    CW great interview. ❤

    Corey Jones says:

    I usually don't even like him but that is rns he said💯💪🔥

    Kevin Finnerty says:

    YOU didn't kill anyone! Your homeboy did, get it right, you just handed him the pistol!

    - Towlie says:

    He looks like a major pain..

    abudujana13 says:

    Thanks for the video, DJVLAD

    O. NEAL says:

    Ok, everyone saying that Charleston didn’t kill him but he instructed his homeboy to kill him. So would that able him as a shot caller?

    Mo Dro says:

    Charleston white was a boy in jdc I seen him night crawlin his lyin ass

    Tony Slice says:

    all these gang members needs to be PURGED, so Black folks ain't gotta be afraid of their own people in the community

    Lavar Amare says:

    Charleston would be cool without all the tough shit

    Brahm Pope says:

    Is your brother sorry because he had to spend 30 years in prison or is he genuinely sorry without the consequence of prison.? Who will ever know. Many people are only sorry cause they know they'll never get out if prison alive, and not really sorry for the act itself

    A P says:

    Monster Cody wrote a book which was a best seller came home became a school teacher all types of positive shit Charleston white be talkin out his ass ever since he said fucc Nipsey I realized how full of shit and contradicting he was

    Brent Groenhuizen says:

    Good im glad your brother and friend sit there and think that. Maybe the next generation will think…. maybe I shouldn't kill someone. Hurt one person, takes down a whole group of people around you.

    vern dolla says:

    They all basically got greedy this is why they went to war

    4553 4566 says:

    But he never killed a man

    KingMind KOLA says:

    Jesus is the only way to redemption

    Albert Menendez says:

    White's Brother Gotta Save That Boo-Hoo Crap and Figure Out Who to Talk to to Negotiate a Price on What is Freedom is Worth. Parole Boards are Looking to Get Paid, Period, Point Blank

    Taurus Johnson says:

    “Say the wrong thing I’ma break yo jaw” 👊🏽🤣

    BIG Q says:

    He didn’t kill anybody. Stop letting him lie. Somebody he was with killed somebody. Coward

    Kommon Sense says:

    This dude display guns on social media and talk about killing "niggas" all the time but he saying he done purged! And in case he didn't know, OG's in Cali been helping ex-felons get jobs for years and running work shops, etc. This guy dont have a clue. And this platform is enabling this POS. You'll feel like a piece of shyt once he finally gets his issue. It's inevitable at this point

    marcus garvey says:

    Redemption should be time served

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