BREAKING: Oath Keepers CHARGED with SEDITION for Capitol attack on Jan 6th.

Pay attention to who does NOT cover Oath Keepers Sedition chargers. Every single person who has been downplaying Jan 6th on their channel will hide from this with FEW exceptions.

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    Lisa D says:

    I highly doubt any right-wing media will be reported on this yet. The left job is to jump the gun make spins off of things and then the right will come in after further details come out then they will report on it. The left will use snips of this and that and then after a long time the right will come in with the rest of the clips and snips of things. This is no different than any other news that's reported I don't know why some people don't seem to understand that.
    This is the Democrats campaign. Nobody had been charged with this for over a year and the Democrats have been pushing for it. As instructed by Queen pelosi long live the monarchy.
    I'm the type of person that likes to wait until all details are available. If I've learned anything over the past few years it's that wait for it.
    Unfortunately unlike other events we've had to deal with the media lying to us this is a situation where the information and details are not available to us. And for some reason it's being suppressed. As long as it fits the narrative of the left it's ok though.

    Innocent until proven guilty remember that. Remember how many people have been charged and even spent years and decades in prison for things that they actually didn't do. If you have a charge filed against you that does not automatically make you guilty. I have seen no evidence so far I've only seen suppression of it. That doesn't mean these guys are innocent but it's definitely very odd the way this has been handled and nobody seems to care because that would destroy the narrative right. That would destroy the Democrats campaign. If there's video footage not altered or cut off or snips of it, ugh that would just be too easy though right. Anyone that physically destroyed anything should definitely be charged. Or anyone that forcefully broke in should be charged accordingly. Anyone that hurt anyone should be charged accordingly. This all goes and applies to both sides. And we cannot rely on snips of videos. This sets up ourselves in the process of allowing something to happen to someone that we would never want to happen to us. That doesn't mean you agree with the person it just means you believe in doing what's right. I still cannot understand how so many people think that this was something coordinated when nobody went there armed. Intent must be proven.

    I have not seen anyone anywhere report on this correctly.

    princess kenyetta says:

    The two-party sham is falling apart. Conservatism has always been a rich mans scam on the most credulous working-class Americans. Conservatism only functions for the super-wealthy, which is why it needs protofascist narratives to survive. The republican party has become an engine of domestic terrorism and the greatest danger to this nation.

    All conservatives are dangerous because conservatism itself is a ruling-class scam on working people.

    Corporatist liberals are equally complicit. Rich liberals never tell the truth about economics. Our present crisis of democracy is caused by a rivalry between two ruling-class political parties.

    The corrupt GOP uses protofascist narratives, while the corrupt liberal party uses pie-in-the-sky glittering generalities that only credulous people who stopped thinking in adolescence can believe.

    Wealth-inequality in the US is at a level that has caused revolutions historically. It takes lies and deceptive propaganda to keep the credulous working-class in the dark.

    Corporatist media will never tell the whole truth, because it serves the ruling-class and doesn't care if working-class Americans live or die.

    Our present crisis of democracy is a consequence of the ruling-class war on the working-class. Corporatist media exists to keep working-class people in the dark as to our economic reality.

    You are up to your neck in the class-war, whether you realize it or not.

    Read economic stats.

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