Bob Saget Witnessed Bill Burr’s Infamous Philly Rant | Joe Rogan

Taken from #1507 w/Bob Saget:

Bob Saget Witnessed Bill Burr's Infamous Philly Rant | Joe Rogan

Taken from #1507 w/Bob Saget:
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    Tyler says:

    Bill is the quintessential human spark of anger that disappears as quick as it comes, except his keeps growing.

    Jake Campbell says:

    Very true

    I AM BAYTOR says:

    It’s not a Boston thing, there are people like that all over the country.

    Winter says:

    Billy boi is a human Saiyan

    Eric says:

    The fiery passion of an angry ginger is quite the spectacle to watch

    Natural Hypertrophy says:

    The worst part is that this Philly crowd seemed to enjoy Burr’s desecrating their “lovely” city in his rant more than his actual routine, “5 more minutes of this”

    John Drews says:

    Philly is a tough town. Remember that time when they booed Santa claus and threw snow balls at him?

    Wolfenstein907 says:

    @C. Will Harden the Tweeter Center is in Camden, NJ.. basically right next to Philly on the other side of the bridge.

    AnDy c says:

    The whole philly thing is real. They will fight you for wearing a different teams Jersey. I would go to any road game except Philly. Its sick how they are. Not all of them of course but ive seen it from a lot of them.

    A little reality says:

    Pro wrestlers will tell you the same thing that Philadelphia Crowds are a breed of Their Own.

    Sometimes for no reason they will boo all the good guys and cheer for all the bad guys

    Uri says:

    Hey NH! What a surprise

    KultraRex says:

    I was in the crowd when Bill Burr attacked Philly. It was such a good rant he got an applause afterward.

    Not saying My name says:

    You lucky bastard Im also from the Phillly area and would of loved to go

    Gym Bro says:


    Chad Carew says:

    Good thing someone recorded it so you could remember, huh?

    Sean Kiesling says:

    We know… we watched it on video

    Jeff Merz says:

    The best part of that rant was him counting down how many minutes he had left.

    TheDeathMantis says:

    “One minute left in the period”😂

    Jason Van Stone says:


    umiluv says:

    Haha yes! I was just thinking that lol

    max redlands says:

    Agreed Jeff Merz. To use one of Bill’s favourite adjectives that was ‘brutal’. He just hammers the point: I am not going anywhere ’til my time is up (so FU) and once it is I am out of here (so FU again!).

    Phillip Uranus says:

    That’s the whole bit… This whole rant just proves Bill’s natural comic genius… He has the ability to find a through in THAT environment… Truly legendary…

    rhino3784 says:

    That was the best example of controlling a crowd EVER, and that includes anything. Whether it’s comedy, politics, theater, pro wresting, or anything else in the performing arts, it was the best I’ve ever seen.

    Huntersss217 says:

    You should see that Patrice O’Neil HBO special, he said horrible things to the audience then made them laugh with it. Him and burr came up together

    El Capitan says:

    @Captain MufDyven Check out James Brown in Boston, 1968.

    procrastinator99 says:

    @Captain MufDyven Your name is killin me lmao

    xdalic says:

    @robbie G uhhh no..

    Jacob R says:

    @chubbyurma While it is a great moment, I wouldn’t categorize it as “crowd control” in the same context as Burr’s Philly rant. For Springsteen, the entire crowd is in awe and worship of him as an artist and celebrity, so they are already compliant the silence serves as a mirror to the tone of the artist transitioning from being loud (the music) to quiet (the speaking). Specifically what made the Burr rant so impressive was that it was a *hostile* crowd that *did not* favor the performers and Burr stormed the crowd like an angry Age of Empires priest; 15 Wololos later and half the enemy was converted.

    Christopher Cooper says:

    “…6 minutes left. And I will be selling my CD after this.”

    OmegaForte says:

    “Zit infested shoulders”

    sev124 says:

    This line is the greatest ive ever heard in Stand up

    Justin Bell says:

    That was my favorite part 😂😂😂

    shogrran says:

    i do wish there was a CD of that but there’s only a video taken by a guy with a potato camera.

    TL2354 says:

    Saw Bill Burr in Atlantic City right after the Jets beat the Patriots in New England in the playoffs. He comes on and you can see the anger on his face. The game maybe ended an hour before. He just rips into Rex Ryan. One of the best shows I’ve seen

    Joe Michael says:

    I would actually pay American currency to see footage of that rant

    Gutty Dozen says:

    Bill Burr just talking about stuff is funnier than most comedians stand-up routines

    Mark James says:


    LouieiuoL1223 says:

    When he loses advertisers on his podcasts , those roasts are the best

    James swinnerton says:

    He literally talked for like 30 minutes in a hotel room about sitting next to a fat dude on a plane and it was incredible

    Ryan White says:

    True but nothing like Theo von

    Ryan White says:

    @Nick H no sense of humor huh

    Soul_Blider says:

    Seems like a good time to rewatch Bill’s Philly rant.

    Jose Espinoza says:

    Just did 😅😅

    malkinmalone says:


    alex m says:

    @Sumukh thank you. About to watch the rant for the first time!

    co0ki3M0NstAr says:

    I came here from there lol

    Biggus Dickus says:

    If you grew up in the 80s and 90s and don’t like him, you’re insane.

    lAmDreary says:

    *20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 00s, 10s*

    Michael J says:

    Oh wait, I thought we were talking about Bill Burr…

    Jar House Nites says:

    I was born 1990, and was introduced to Brian Regan as a kid. Later in life, I made the interpretation that Bill is just a louder and more lewd Brian Regan.

    Robbert Johan Smidt says:

    @Grant Dillon is that even possible?

    m holla says:

    no one loves Bill Burr’s Philly rant more than the people of Philadelphia.

    w900L says:

    I get the impression that people from Philly do that same rant everyday.

    Benjamin Rivera says:

    As a resident I can agree

    Brian Goldy says:

    @Benjamin Rivera lol……

    mojo schmee says:

    Dallas Cowboys fans. I just knew Cowboy and Eagle fans had some common ground. They both agree Philly sucks. (how you liking that rant now, you philthstick?)

    Student Loan Rage says:

    There’s something uncanny about how Bob looks. Like his face wants to be old, but his money is not allowing it.

    jay watson says:

    nah he’s just stoned

    Zombie says:

    I cant unsee it wtf

    Kenta Tahir says:


    Lewis Vargrson says:

    Some might say it looks like a cauliflower.

    canaanite23 says:


    C Cameron says:

    Imagine if Bill Burr and Patrice had a podcast together now. This would have been Patrices’ time to shine in the age of podcasts. So sad

    Richard Dweck says:

    They do it’s called bertcast

    Garbage says:

    @KG dude also called cancel culture back in 2010 ish

    N sane says:

    the Bill O’Neal Podcast ;(

    Brian Mayes says:

    Personally, my two favorites and you just made me realize again how much it hurts that Patrice is gone. RIP to the goat, and damnit if Bill isn’t right there.

    dimebag vinnie says:

    @lobmin I’ve tried but its basically Patrice chewing his food and Dante stepping all over him

    Oakshield says:

    “One bridge having…” – Still one of the funniest insults I’ve heard.

    DubCrown says:

    So good, I lost it when he said that

    Soda Popinksi says:

    I laughed just reading that comment.

    Stonemeister says:

    @Blue9 Multimedia Group™ (BNMG) The fact that you get all butthurt and start counting your shitty bridges just makes the insult funnier.

    Shane Yaple says:

    That line alone had me in fucking stitches

    Peter Shury says:

    He roasted there bridge lol what a legend

    Grizzly Adams says:

    “I bring it up to him, and he doesn’t wanna talk about it”. That’s something I love about Burr. He is very humble and doesn’t like to hype himself up. Also he has stated how he really feels that what he did in Philly was unprofessional and doesn’t deserve the legend status it brought.

    Rob Azz says:

    Daniel Jak I can see exactly how that turns out tho, so interesting!

    Uzochi Okeke says:

    @Daniel Jak boston is still less shittier than philly though.

    James Barrett says:

    That clip blows

    Amit Patel says:

    lol he didn’t want to talk about it cuz he was actually pissed XD

    Ian says:

    I think he doesn’t want to talk about it cause he was embarrassed, he doesn’t actually realize how good it was

    David B says:

    “Unbelievable. I’m getting booed by people sitting on the grass.”

    Dutchboy Adventures says:

    lol, he called them lawn chairs! lol

    alex m says:

    I would love to watch that set. Never seen it but I read the word unbelievable and I swear I heard it in Bill’s Burrs voice. 2020 made me appreciate comedians like never before.

    heroblok6 says:


    trailblazer295 says:

    @alex m the rant is all over YouTube from people filming from the seats. It’s awesome

    Andrew Rice says:

    @Dutchboy Adventures n. N j

    沈啍 says:

    Bill Burr on talk shows:
    “I just hate people man, I can’t f*cking deal with them.”
    Other comics talking about Bill Burr:
    “He loves people, he’s one of the sweetest. He’s a great guy!”

    Task Don says:

    @MosleysMarvel The late George Carlin said, he likes people but people are just fucking boring.

    Michael Smith says:

    Its like when O&A and the gang used to rag about how shitty Rich Vos’ act is, but it was an inside joke because on stage, Vos is fantastic.

    Mike Ousey says:

    Speaking as a Philadelphia native with four prior generations all Philadelphia natives. Absolutely a defining moment in his career. He hit the Philly sweet-spot dead-on, on instinct alone. A master of comedy.
    If you can’t win our attention over with your act, smack us into compliance.
    We respect that.

    MPH Student says:

    seen him live in New Orleans, he started to lose the crowd with a part of his routine so he immediately started improvising on the spot making fun of New Orleans drunk culture until he got the audience back and then continued with his routine…it was the work of a genius.

    M M says:

    Bill Burr’s podcast is always good. Episode in , episode out. For 6 years I literally haven’t missed 1 episode.

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