Biden White House rejects Trump's request

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The White House formally rejected the request by former President Donald Trump to assert executive privilege to shield from lawmakers a subset of documents that has been requested by the House committee investigating January 6, and set an aggressive timeline for their release.

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  • Comments

    Bianca C says:

    I bet this kills him-the President telling him no!

    Kevo says:

    Trump: “Biden, invoke privilege. Don’t hand over the documents.”

    Biden: “Lol. Lmao.”

    Skyrocketcoast says:

    Finally!!! Senator Perry, John Eastman, Jeffery Clark, Bannon, Quanon Flynn, the list is very long
    A Treasonous team , to be sure.
    Investigate, charge & arrest !

    HomieDClown says:

    Translation: “Let’s Go Brandon” 👏🏻👏🏻

    Aquatic Borealis says:

    Biden should just move to have the documents turned over, regardless. To hell with any Trump lawsuit.

    StillLivinginthewoods says:

    Just wait until the shoe is on the other foot…
    2022 and 2024 will NOT be kind to the democrats.

    one sojourner says:

    "Let's go Brandon!"
    "Vamos Brandon!"

    Thomas Jones says:

    A shocking development. Who could have seen this comming? Why one would have to be clairvoyant. In other SHOCKING NEWS Florida will be sunny tommorow.

    Relevant Information says:

    Maybe if they they offered to to take Bannon’s deposition at a dive bar… he’d show up. 🥃🥃🥃

    Monie says:

    So, more hurry up, wait & then hand out jaywalking tickets. Got it!

    Scott Martin says:

    Hes plotting his return and its gonna be funny as hell to watch cant wait LMAO

    Miccasx says:


    William Kaiser says:

    Look back and see how the riot in the streets when A real President was elected TRUMP and what your Democrat's did to fuel the riots and BLM ANTIF all the Demarcates MAYORS did nothing to stop the riot and burning of businesses! All the waisted money to report on your news channel false news and allegation against Repulpician and YRUMP!

    Kurt B says:

    Until Justice is served, all this talk is just hot air.

    Jibby Jammy says:

    I'm going to laugh when those documents show that Demoncrats were actually pulling the strings all along…

    Arcnologia says:

    Damn I ain't never seen such gullible people but here they are in CNNs comment section

    Art Hernandez says:

    "It is usually those whose poverty is relatively recent, the "new poor," who throb with the ferment of frustration. The memory of better things is as fire in their vein." – Hoffer

    Jay C says:

    what happened to working across the aisle

    Sergio Lobato says:

    The Dems sound like Droopy Dog : Now now, don't make me mad!…

    lance hays says:

    CNN loves the BS over the facts

    sixtyfour&half stang says:

    C N N. Enough Said. Let's Go Brandon !!

    chan daren says:

    Even in prison he will hold rally inside and continue his lie that the election is stolen.

    The Ugly Truth says:

    Trump taking massive L's

    Phillip Hogan says:

    I don't watch CNN but youtube is always putting cnn trump hate. CNN does do other news right? YouTube only shows me CNN hates trump shit. You would think thats all they talk about

    James Bell says:

    Fagerson dupper is a criminal. He doesn't have nothing else to report on??? Wake up cnn

    Pete Godard says:

    Kaitlan. Oops.

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