Alabama vs. Georgia winning touchdown

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  • Alabama vs. Georgia winning touchdown

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    Vanquisher VIII says:

    That has got to be one of the smoothest plays by a quarterback I’ve ever seen.

    TVD- The Remedy says:

    Tua & that class of wide receivers (Jeudy, D. Smith, Ruggs III, +) has already turned out to be a MONSTER recruiting haul, and they’re all still true sophomores— true freshmen when this game was played.

    squarecracker says:

    not a bad toss at all

    Joan Mandeville says:

    After a bad sack. Gets up and slings it!!!

    Stop Watching me says:

    I here joe Brady I’m telling them this man name is tua Montana

    Saverio Salemme says:

    @Gene Paulk Historic !

    Im SouperSoup says:

    That was the most unbiased reaction as the losing teams radio ive ever heard. Better than auburn. Didnt blame refs or act childish or anything.

    supernova x says:

    Rob Roy says:

    Josh Campbell can you imagine had IB2 had happened and that was the same ending? Their little tantrum on the late hit on Coker would have been a sane call.

    Rob Roy says:

    Josh Campbell better than Barn?? 😆😆😆 Dude no one is worse than those 2 idiots trying to be even bigger one than that Fyffe character. No offense to the departed but he’s the godfather of obnoxious play calling.

    Reasonable Gump says:

    You don’t have much experience with Georgia radio then.

    Sterling Performance says:

    I would be ashamed to admit the number of times I’ve watched this. Greatest game ever IMO. RTR!

    Debbie Phillips says:

    I’m not ashamed….100’s

    Sterling Performance says:

    You go girl. 😎

    Larry Jensen says:

    Dude. I have a day off and I’ve not only watched this five times, but I’m here writing COMMENTS way down the thread. How Gumpy is that? RTR!

    MainMan1274 says:

    I was at the game, and you could probably tell it on TV as well, but the mood of Bama fans when Tua went into the game was unbelievable….most all of us had been saying all year to play him. Then when he started shredding Georgia, their mood changed palpably. Georgia played an awesome game, and they couldn’t have a better coach than Smart (except maybe Saban). Bama’s offense looked completely different with him in there.

    Classical Liberal Warrior says:

    And please remember that Tua did NOT make all the good throws he could have when the receivers were open, nor did the receivers catch all his catchable throws. So Bama’s offense COULD have done even better if the new quarterback and his wide-outs were sharper.

    malcolm Burns says:

    It was like a 10 yard pass as far as the time it took from Tua to devonte’s hand. 50 yard rope that took like two seconds. Amazing pass for any QB.

    Verbal Kint says:

    Yet I keep hearing many fools questioning Tua’s arm strength. This play is just one of many that completely destroys that notion.

    feraldart says:

    “Three receivers right, one to the left, straight back to pass, going deep, Throwing It Down the Far Side LINE…and it is CAAAAUUUUUGHHHT For a TOUCHDOWN! Devonte Smith! Wins the National Championship. Down the left sideline and wide open behind the defense. One true freshman to another!” I love Eli and the Spanish dude, but Sean McDonough broke this down and owns this call forever. RTR.

    Road Toad says:

    feraldart Forever!!

    Fay Reed says:

    Tua got great blockers on that final shot and when he threw that ball they stopped turned and watched it right into Smitty’s hands! Awesome shot!

    Fay Reed says:

    I’m just blown away how Smith ran the whole way watching the football and ran straight for the goal line catching that football just before he got there! That’s talent and many hours of practice and all those receivers do it! Amazing guys and we notice!

    John Wills says:

    It never gets old!

    Elder JeCole says:

    Refs helped and Kirby through he was coaching bama

    Fortnitewrld says:


    Shaun Cook says:


    YTSN says:


    King Cobra says:

    We’ll going to avenge that loss 💪🏿

    MattS70 says:

    Ken Stabler was smiling in football heaven during this play.

    The Crimson Knight says:

    This will be “legend” in Alabama history.

    Denise Durham says:

    This will be legendary in all of college football!!!!

    RyRod videos says:

    It really is

    rpc says:

    Such an amazing play. It was the perfect call that needed an accurate qb. Nick Saban is the best in college football.

    bamaslamma1003 says:

    This is just about as textbook as you can get for a long pass. The ball was perfectly thrown and just drops into the receiver’s hands in stride. And we got his little brother coming up. RTR for life.

    DJL0455 says:

    “Alabama Wins”, in any language, is something I LOVE to hear!
    Roll Tide!

    Truth and the American Way says:

    That play never gets old.

    jsu9575m says:

    Best finish to a national championship game ever.

    Don Garrett says:

    I agree, but the 1979 (1978 season) Sugar Bowl vs Penn State goal line stand is right there with this ending! RTR for life …

    Beck’s says:

    2005 rose bowl doesn’t exist

    Chris2626 says:

    @Beck’s that game didn’t end on the Vince young run tho. And it was still regulation.

    Art Of Valor says:

    One of the best plays and emotionally charged moments in college football history!


    How he played that safety was beautiful! The throw and catch in stride even more beautiful

    Redd Rabbit505 says:

    Gundy’s non-reaction is priceless – still as a statue.

    James Dockery says:

    Shawn McDonough had the best reaction. I could listen to him say “CAUUUUGHT” all day long. One of the greatest plays in sports history.

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