#3 Alabama vs #1 Georgia | SEC Championship Extended Highlights | CBS Sports HQ

Extended highlights from the SEC Championship game!


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#CollegeFootball #Alabama #Georgia

#3 Alabama vs #1 Georgia | SEC Championship Extended Highlights | CBS Sports HQ

Extended highlights from the SEC Championship game!


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#CollegeFootball #Alabama #Georgia
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    JayDogTitan 1464 says:

    I had Bama in this game right after Auburn, Nick Saban prepares a team like no other.

    JayDogTitan 1464 says:

    @J.S. 🇺🇸 You’re right, an SEC school is gonna win it all, Alabama.

    PetalsEavesdrop I usedTheWrongTurd says:

    @J.S. 🇺🇸 oh look another horrible prediction

    Craig Kelsoe says:

    BS, It took old Forrest Gump over 15 years to fix a kicking problem. Only out of desperation did they find the key to success, which was there all along. Georgia only elite team with a QB problem. Get them behind early and they will give you at least one score, a pick 6.

    Tyler Malone says:

    @J.S. 🇺🇸 Kirby is not going to start a guy who hasn’t played all year against a dangerous Michigan team! 😂

    J.S. 🇺🇸 says:

    @Tyler Malone Don’t need him to against Michigan, just AL. UGA can beat every team in the country 9 out of 10 games & so can AL. The day UGA beats AL the rest of the country is done for. Even AL fans know this, they don’t wanna play GA again either. When Saban retires UGA will continue the tradition & the rest of the country will play for participation 🏆

    Aleisha Hunter says:

    This was a good game. Bama beat Georgia with the same score from last year’s game. #RTR

    Charlene Patterson says:

    @fred reed He didn’t steal anything but Kirby the defense that Saban & Saban beat his Azzaro by making adjustments.

    Charlene Patterson says:

    @fred reed Show us!! We waiting!!!

    Charlene Patterson says:

    @fred reed 🤣🤣So none of this is on Georgia or Kirby? The refs didn’t throw a ball nor catch a pass. Kirby lost y’all that game, Bennett tossed 2 picks one went for 6. How’s that Bama fault?

    fred reed says:

    Excuse me but Alabama has not just been cheating all these years but they also have been getting away with recruiting lying about that as well. Don’t tell me that they haven’t lied about most of their recruits because they have. They probably have a lot of players who fail their academics and are still allowed to play why is that.

    Charlene Patterson says:

    @fred reed Proof please…… Because other than that, it’s just accusations, lies and good fashion hate🤣🤣🤣

    edit nosmirc says:

    7:09 one of the most aware plays I’ve ever seen from any qb. That was a Heisman moment if I ever saw it

    marktastic86 says:

    @Ben Rogers
    Weird choice

    Ben Rogers says:

    @marktastic86 well he fumbled and the ball was rolling away and he grabbed it with one hand and pulled it in with one hand, and beat 4 Georgia players to recover it, and I might be wrong in describing it but I thought it was even in the moment, but I think Alabama was down or the score was only tied

    Lyn Foster says:

    My favorite of his plays. No-look, he just knew he was there. What?!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    edit nosmirc says:

    The dude has honestly had so many moments that could be considered Heisman worthy. Even with this year’s on lock he’ll probably be the Heisman favorite going into next year as well.

    Brianna Trippe says:

    Yeah, it really showed GA up when they say they’re “supposedly” awesome at stopping running game… LOL no you totally just sucked at it

    FENDI SZN says:

    It’s Bama’s technique for me! Just insane 🔥

    Attorney-at-law Leonard Smith says:

    bama on demon time after almost losing to auburn

    sosidecop64 says:

    Bama’s last offensive series that took 5 minutes off the clock and resulted in a field goal, making it a 3 score game, was HUGE.

    edit nosmirc says:

    @Christopher Brock I bet Nolan Smith regrets trying to scoop it instead of falling on it lol

    Patryk Kuffel says:

    @edit nosmirc You sure he gets to it first if he falls on it?

    Christopher Brock says:

    @edit nosmirc yes sir

    Ronald c Johnson says:

    @Bedford ttt[

    TFHDeathUA33 says:

    And that was with Georgia using all 3 of their timeouts that drive to slow the clock.

    Acoustic Idaho says:

    As a die hard Dawg… this game hurt! No excuses. Congrats to Bama for handing it to us. I hope we get our act together for the playoffs! Assuming we are still in… Go Dawgs!

    slab busterRTR says:

    Yes how can y’all not be i believe y’all would wax cincy or michigan but depends on what bama team shows up whether not y’all could beat them

    LEE KASMEIER says:

    Minus this game, the Dawgs had one of the best defenses I had ever seen and I see alabamas up close every season.

    Freedom Rider says:

    They can’t put ND in and that’s the only team that could be considered….They’re in, @ 3, and will play Michigan….

    brudity says:

    I’m an Bama fan, but THANK YOU for not being petty on this game. I’ve read so many comments of them saying we cheated and I just can’t stop shaking my head. Thank you for having knowledge. Much respect

    aribbonatatime says:

    I didn’t think anyone could beat Georgia this year. I forgot they can’t beat Alabama no matter what. My bad.

    david reed says:

    @Steve S wow one more flag then georgia omg so much wow.. excuse is it was for the ratings. Refabama will get what’s coming to them and there trash family base. You are delusional. Alabama doesn’t beat the best defense seen in a decade because shirt eaters says so 🤷. Watch film watch your team grab masks and arms. It was so obvious ga had to change its play style in the first quarter. See you in the natty reffs.

    B and c gaming 2 says:

    Georgia has not not played a good offense

    Steve S says:

    @david reed Also genius if you checked the penalty yards and not the flags Bama had almost double the penalty yards Georgia did so your argument is just excuses excuses as usual.

    david reed says:

    @Steve S yawn. Your gaslighting is pathetic. Without reffs bama gets stopped by Cincinnati while georgia murdered Michigan.

    Terri Andrews says:

    Congrats to Young on MVP of this game as well as all the very capable “pieces “ it took to have a winning season. Just as with Mack Jones, I will be tuning in to watch Bryce to shine on Sunday’s. He not only has a big arm, he’s a dynamic play-maker. RTR!!!

    Alphayak says:

    This was the most complete game Bama has played all year. They really got motivated after the iron bowl. SEC Champs again baby!

    West_Editz says:

    @Christian Williams understandable

    Donald Johnson says:

    @marktastic86 ……Yeah, it could have been a lot worse had the Bama
    defenders NOT committed those interferences!

    Talisi Kid says:

    @Christian Williams average? They are better than Michigan.

    J B says:

    National Champs Baby!!!

    Kat says:

    Young had all day to pass. That Alabama O-Line is insane

    Big T’ s Shack festival says:

    They gave up 0 sacks to the best d in the nation and Bama had more rushing yards on less attempts. I’d say they redeemed themselves for the au game. Also they have been moving people around. Seth played great at center, better than dalcourts best game and also Chris Owen really stepped up. It doesn’t matter what they did early In the yr at this point. They have found what they need and obrian finally called some quick hitting plays instead of all the long vertical routes That take too much time if they are getting pressure. Best scheme we had all yr. We need to be throwing 70% of the time and use the short pass game like runs like we did In the uga game. Roll tide.

    slavicson 69 says:

    @Big T’ s Shack festival alright clam down bud

    Big T’ s Shack festival says:

    Thought I’d bring a little positive insight , rather than negative generalizations , that are quite common on you tube. Hopefully your an auburn fan ?? Or Better get a uga fan? Bama is going smash which ever one u pull for either in the plays , or In t town next yr. Roll Tide.

    slavicson 69 says:

    @Big T’ s Shack festival um 😂. im a bama fan brother. im sorry i didn’t read the full comment and i thought you were being mean. my bad man sorry for that. roll tide

    Its-Chris says:

    That was true, in this game. But pretty much all season. They were terrible for the most part, probably the worst OL I’ve seen since the Shula days. Def the worst during the Saban era. They did make some changes in the 2nd half of the Auburn game and they played better from that point on but wasn’t perfect. I think all they heard all week was how the past few games they had been getting blown up and the UGA front 7 was going to kill them. That whole team came out pissed and it showed. That was the best game they had played all season from start to finish. By far the best one they played in the last half of the season (cupcakes like NM St, Mercer, etc.. aren’t included in that for obvious reasons.)

    Hunter Cahours says:

    Anybody who thought georgia was unstoppable must not know who alabama is especially against georgia

    Noah Lamb says:

    Georgia lost because of QB and Alabama won because of their amazing improvement to O-Line (and heisman qb)

    Jacob says:

    I remember going into this game thinking it felt similar to the 2009 SECCG. Alabama playing against the #1 team after nearly losing to Auburn on the road a week prior, everyone saying Alabama would get blown out. Alabama proceeded to win in dominating fashion. Love to see Georgia fans get humbled.

    Ron Williams says:

    @Brandon Rebuilding for sure! Take 8 starters from any team (NFL or college) and see where most of them end up! Bama, players and coaches, have been putting in some serious overtime in order to overcome! If we can keep some (players) and develop some further of what we currently have, we’ll be even better next year!

    Young Hayden says:

    @miduv82 trust me we just recruited another top 3 QB coming out of highschool I think we will be just fine

    Luke Odom says:

    @N P that was the regular szn plus it don’t even matter

    N P says:

    @Luke Odom oh it matters. One more loss and Bama wouldn’t be a national contender. Another loss could easily have happened this year. Also, Saban now has a 40-1 record against former coaches thanks to a+m. Small victories are still victories. I also predict Georgia will beat Alabama for the national championship tomorrow! Btw, I do like alabama

    T Nel says:

    Not humble anymore

    Daniel Olsen says:

    As a Georgia fan, it’s frustrating to know that Alabama always has their best game against Georgia (and although I hoped against it this year, deep down I knew it was coming). Due credit to Bryce Young and Alabama’s offensive line. They sure offended me last night.

    Blake Hudson says:

    Georgia’s ‘elite’ defense gave up the most passing yards in the history of the SEC Championship game.

    Aaron says:

    @Bilbobaggins ????? What? No idea what you’re trying to say. First full game I’ve watched in a year. Anxiety free for 3 years and definitely not looking to attach to football ever again. Gg

    J B says:

    @Aaron it was your comment up above talking down on the bulldogs what I was getting at. If you forgot just scroll up around nine days ago. Sometimes it can come back and you will eat crow. Lol 😆 hahaha!

    D B says:

    @Bilbobaggins Saban still the goat. Gg. See you next year 😉

    Bilbobaggins says:

    @D B I’ll be right here

    D B says:

    @Bilbobaggins Deleting comments so you can act like you’re a fan of the winning team?

    Casual Pepper says:

    Bryce young is such a great player 💚💚💚

    JayDogTitan 1464 says:

    Heisman trophy winner.

    cute boy says:

    sup pepper

    cute boy says:

    @Bama love for life lol

    Charles Oshea says:

    and he’ll be back next year at Alabama

    Allnat says:

    @Outside Boyz Ex what QB isn’t trash if their O-line isn’t giving them time or protecting them. Decent QBs don’t win Heismans, or smoke a so called #1 , best defense in the nation.

    TimeBucks says:

    Williams got some unadulterated speed!

    Eshgod says:

    man easily runs a 4.3 and he’s 6’2 unreal

    Joshua Dowdy says:

    Hey yyhyy

    Tony Donald says:


    Lyn Foster says:

    Bryce was on fire! 🔥 Just a sophomore, so lots of great Bama football coming, thanks to that young man. Keeping positive thoughts for John Metchie’s recovery.

    Big D says:

    Bama really came to play in this game. Bryce had a great game as Will Anderson. I haven’t watched Georgia much this yr but that Bowers guy is amazing. Georgia fans getting down on their qb but I think he’s a real good qb. That one interception was not his fault. I believe they’ll meet again in the NC game. Losing Metchie will make a big difference. RTR

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