🍂 Chillhop Essentials · Fall 2021 [chill beats & jazz hiphop]

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Cozy up for Fall with our newest Chillhop Essentials seasonal compilation. The calming and laid-back lofi instrumentals welcome falling leaves and comfy hoodies. Quiet rainfall, games with friends. It’s time for some coffee or tea and an evening to relax. With more than an hour’s worth of beats and vibes, the 28 song project features an impressive list of producers. Some you may know, others you may not.

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  • ⏱ Track List
    00:00:00 – Mama Aiuto – Bell Tower
    00:02:07 – Liphe – Little Bird
    00:05:20 – Kreatev – Blue Coupe
    00:07:22 – Misha, Evil Needle – Spirits
    00:10:30 – Ward Wills – Forgive
    00:14:02 – Nymano, Suuna – Mistral
    00:16:46 – Enzalla – Ancient Paths
    00:19:18 – Sofasound – How Much Longer
    00:22:34 – Smile High, Teddy Roxpin, Cloudchord – Sirens
    00:25:54 – Masked Man – Tiffany
    00:28:47 – Anbuu, Blue Wednesday – Rituals
    00:31:39 – Afroham, ØDYSSEE – Later today
    00:34:02 – Sleepy Fish, Philanthrope – Fallcameearly
    00:35:57 – Montell Fish – Can’t Get Enough
    00:38:08 – C Y G N – Virtual Evening
    00:40:57 – WEI, jacuzzi jefferson, Luke Otwell – Backseat ft. Kyle McEvoy
    00:43:02 – Psalm Trees – The Shortest Day Alone ft. Chico Balbin
    00:46:50 – Stan Forebee – Seasons
    00:49:24 – Aso – Nice Day
    00:52:04 – Cap Kendricks – Orange
    00:54:35 – Deeb – Sunvizor Down ft. The Golden Cobra
    00:57:13 – Ian Ewing – Claire2
    01:00:32 – weird inside – Like This
    01:02:53 – Makzo – Shanti
    01:05:08 – Kendall Miles – Colors of Fall, Wool Clothes
    01:07:36 – Aves, Snoophkeen – Matoki
    01:10:52 – fantompower – Brisk
    01:14:05 – Foxwood – Flowerbeds

    🙌 Follow the Artists
    ・ Mama Aiuto ≫ https://chll.to/863fc6a1
    ・ Liphe ≫ https://chll.to/1ef18b1c
    ・ Kreatev ≫ https://chll.to/a4e29f33
    ・ Misha ≫ https://chll.to/2b2bc310
    ・ Evil Needle ≫ https://chll.to/b039a2f4
    ・ Ward Wills ≫ https://chll.to/b7a33aea
    ・ Nymano ≫ https://chll.to/e9af5c19
    ・ Suuna ≫ https://chll.to/6568904d
    ・ Enzalla ≫ https://chll.to/64805b37
    ・ Sofasound ≫ https://chll.to/2eaa881f
    ・ Smile High ≫ https://chll.to/ed34087f
    ・ Teddy Roxpin ≫ https://chll.to/ef38fba0
    ・ Cloudchord ≫ https://chll.to/7ad1e4e6
    ・ Masked Man ≫ https://chll.to/7839eeef
    ・ Anbuu ≫ https://chll.to/3434db5c
    ・ Blue Wednesday ≫ https://chll.to/dd17e035
    ・ Afroham ≫ https://chll.to/8870d02c
    ・ ØDYSSEE ≫ https://chll.to/eb3d5be0
    ・ Sleepy Fish ≫ https://chll.to/9b5fd673
    ・ Philanthrope ≫ https://chll.to/bcc19a50
    ・ Montell Fish ≫ https://chll.to/fcafa8e3
    ・ C Y G N ≫ https://chll.to/5098734c
    ・ WEI ≫ https://chll.to/b464cc90
    ・ jacuzzi jefferson ≫ https://chll.to/c8655be4
    ・ Luke Otwell ≫ https://chll.to/ce9ad4a3
    ・ Kyle McEvoy ≫ https://chll.to/ef20516d
    ・ Psalm Trees ≫ https://chll.to/290e281c
    ・ Chico Balbin ≫ https://chll.to/302fdbf6
    ・ Stan Forebee ≫ https://chll.to/41a43c3d
    ・ Aso ≫ https://chll.to/843ecc4d
    ・ Cap Kendricks ≫ https://chll.to/c1903153
    ・ Deeb ≫ https://chll.to/bae456a7
    ・ The Golden Cobra ≫ https://chll.to/3ac1c870
    ・ Ian Ewing ≫ https://chll.to/6718c2c5
    ・ weird inside ≫ https://chll.to/652304ae
    ・ Makzo ≫ https://chll.to/c78f61e6
    ・ Kendall Miles ≫ https://chll.to/134944ae
    ・ Aves ≫ https://chll.to/c1e30f07
    ・ Snoophkeen ≫ https://chll.to/1930b926
    ・ fantompower ≫ https://chll.to/38e0c30b
    ・ Foxwood ≫ https://chll.to/da481393

    🎨 Artwork by Jorge Artola
    ・ https://instagram.com/jorgeartola
    ・ https://www.jorgeartola.com

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    Chillhop Music says:

    ⬆ SET A REMINDER FOR THE PREMIERE 🔔⬆ September 15 @ 17h00 CEST

    Wolfang Strike says:

    I’m rock hard for some chill

    Nikki says:

    Mellow music vibes☺️ I think I’ll bake some bread✨🙌✨

    Kyornik says:

    So glad I could make it.

    Top20guru2 says:

    """LET S PRAY For Those children's who does not have their parents they are real legend 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    ShadowNomad says:

    I look forward to these albums every season

    Stavros Kampouroglou says:

    We've been patiently waiting every season for the new essentials album…partners for 5 years already and we keep going..thank u for everything💯🔥🎵❤️

    ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ says:

    the people who disliked were probably vibing too hard and pressed the dislike button

    Juliette Gibson says:

    One fall morning, wake up earlier.
    Get yourself something warm to drink, wether it’s coffee, tea, hot cocoa, apple cider, or just hot water. Step outside for a bit. It doesn’t matter if you live in a traffic-swamped city or a quiet cabin in the woods that’s bathed in birdsong. Just get outside, stand there for a while, and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Sip your warm drink, and open your eyes. Try to make note of all that’s changed since summer. Is the grass brown? Is it green? If there are trees around, are there leaves different colours? Is it colder? Maybe the sky is blanketed by dark grey clouds. Maybe it’s still sunny. As you make note of differences, continue to do so until you’ve finished with your warm drink. If you couldn’t find any changes, just people or environment-watch. Now that your drink is done, close your eyes and smile to yourself. Even if life is hard right now, there are so many beautiful things around you. Yes, some of you may have towering skyscrapers in place of mountains, and some might have slow-crawling millipedes to watch move on the forest floor instead of people walking across sidewalks, but there is always something to appreciate.
    I love you stranger, and hope you have a great rest of your year. Chin up, you’ve got this.

    JeniusDoesBeatz says:

    This is so calming ❤️

    Nathaniel E. Young says:

    Well, this is just great. Everything about this release just gets me in the fall vibe. Chillhop you've done it again!🍂🍁🎃🙏

    Misha says:

    Very proud to be a part of this 🐾🐾

    Beautiful Soul says:

    The logo the animation on every video it makes me wanna be there!!!! Its a whole mood a whole vibe with the music ohhhhh maaaannnn the music!!! I'm an artist and I turn this on an up when I sketch!! It allows me to dream deep and create!!! The whole concept of Chillhop is magnificent!!! Don't stop!!!!

    Brian Sirois says:

    I am so happy that I found this channel and more specifically this series of videos. I put them on my TV when I'm studying or just doing things around the house. It has completely changed the way my mind flows and I love looking over and seeing what this lil raccoon is up to, it's like having a dynamic piece of art on the wall. So much cooler than the static pictures or short repeating gifs on other LoFi videos.

    Noelle Adams says:

    Im here for the creative animation. And the music of course!!

    Jose eduardo Mejia lozano says:

    Simple satisfacción♡

    Sonny says:

    Perfect to make me happy today love this community and music so much

    I Love Dum Dum Pops says:


    PxxM says:

    Happy Autumn.. 🍁🍂

    Peytonn B says:

    Finally it released 🥰🥰🥰

    Vicky Villalobos says:

    OMG, so good ☺️❤️

    미래개발자 현서 says:

    Fall of 2021 has started.

    mogans11 says:


    Liphe Music says:

    stoked! <3

    ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ says:

    i really do love all of chillhop's songs!!!!! thank you to everyone who worked on this ❤

    tomtom5821 says:

    This is going to be like a dose of healthy medicine for the soul!

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